Thursday, 20 April 2023 14:59

From Bullseye to Branding: Denver Marketing Agency Helps USA Archery Hit the Mark

Our Denver Marketing Agency Rebranded USA Archery

Marketing is a crucial part of any business or organization, and it's no different for the sports industry. USA Archery, the National Governing Body for the Olympic sport of archery in the United States, recently underwent a rebranding process with our Denver marketing agency to enhance their marketing efforts.
Adrenalin Sports Marketing, a division of Real FiG Advertising + Marketing has successfully developed a fresh and modern look for the USA Archery brand that aligns with its goal to promote the sport of archery to a wider audience. In this article, we'll explore our rebranding process at FiG, and how we've helped USA Archery stand out in a crowded sports market.

Meet USA Archery

Founded in 1879, USA Archery has grown to be the National Governing Body for the sport of archery. Their mission is to provide the necessary resources to foster strong athlete participation, competition and training in the sport of archery.
Throughout the years, USA Archery has sent tons of talented archers to the Olympics where they’ve won 15+ Olympic medals. In addition, USA Archery has hosted hundreds of annual tournaments across the U.S. and sent other archers to multiple international championships. As they looked towards the future, USA Archery realized that it was time to create a new brand identity that reflected the organization’s rich history and would make their organization capitalize on the bright future ahead.

Our Approach to Rebranding

Amanda Hogen, the Art Director for Real FiG Advertising + Marketing, reflected on her contributions to the rebranding project. "Working with USA Archery on their new logo was an absolute pleasure. From the start of this project, it was clear they were determined to bring the USA Archery brand into the future, and we were excited to get them there. Through our process, we were able to develop and deliver a sleek, modern logo package the team loves."

1) Brand Audit

To begin our design process, we conducted a comprehensive brand audit. This was a detailed assessment of the brand's current performance and position in the market. Our brand audit process involves analyzing the brand's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, as well as its target audience and competitors.
In addition, we took the time to review the brand's messaging, visual identity, marketing strategies, and customer perception. The purpose of this brand audit was to identify areas for improvement and develop a roadmap for enhancing the brand's reputation, increasing brand awareness, and ultimately driving business growth. It has been a critical tool for us to identify gaps in a brand's performance and develop a plan to address those gaps.
To properly audit the organization, we conducted a membership survey, analyses on their marketing pieces and current branding, and internal interviews with key stakeholders.

2) Brand Development

After conducting a thorough audit of the brand, our team at the Denver marketing agency was excited to revamp USA Archery's brand. We utilized the information gathered to create a new logo that represents the organization's long-standing values while also incorporating a fresh perspective. Through careful consideration, our branding specialists crafted a new visual logo family and brand messaging to accompany it.
We found it essential to involve stakeholders, including employees, customers, and partners, during the design process to gather feedback and ensure that the rebranding aligned with their expectations and vision.
FiG used a highly collaborative process in order to foster mutual success during the design process.

3) Brand and Style Guide

The last step our agency took in the design process was to create a brand guide that would ensure proper use of the new brand across all mediums by all representatives.
This cohesive brand guide not only resonated with USA Archery, but also helped the organization understand how to best be consistent with their branding, messaging, and more down the line. This guide included a wide array of information including details on brand assets like fonts, color palette, logo usage, product position, brand promise, target audience, language, elevator pitch, and more.


The new brand design that we created for USA Archery reflects the organization's growth, evolution, and competitiveness. The logo draws inspiration from archery's history of innovation, inclusivity, and community.
The success of the rebranding is attributed to the dedication and collaborative efforts of the USA Archery team and Adrenalin Sports Marketing.
Dan Price, Brand Marketing Director of Adrenalin, noted, "USA Archery CEO Rod Menzer and his team dedicated the time and resources necessary for a great outcome. Their collective input throughout the process was key to the development of the new brand and visual identity that will drive the organization forward."
This new branding represents the organization's commitment to honoring the sport's tradition and history while moving towards an even brighter future. "At the heart of our efforts is the USA Archery community," said Rod Menzer, CEO of USA Archery, “the success of this rebranding effort is a testament to the strength of the USA Archery community and its commitment to the sport."

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