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Case Study: Successful Affiliate Marketing As A Downtown Denver SEO Agency

In spring 2018, one of our long-time clients in downtown Denver sought to branch out into a new business space. Dr. Gregory Funk, owner of Ideal Health Chiropractic, wanted to start a new affiliate business: HopeNWellness. He relied on the expertise of FiG to develop the brand, launch it, and market his business. Our team was excited to start on this affiliate marketing project that would support kids in the area. It’s been over a year since the new business launched and we’re very excited to share our successful results.

Establishing HopeNWellness

Before we could begin any affiliate marketing, Dr. Funk’s affiliate business needed a name. FiG worked collaboratively with Dr. Funk to understand the purpose of his new business and how it would operate. His business was partnering up with Metagenics, a manufacturer of high-quality health supplements, to support the healthy lifestyles of his customers. Through our communicative process, we set to work to establish HopeNWellness.

Brand Identity

The first step to affiliate marketing, or any marketing for that matter, is brand development. Our team in downtown Denver worked closely with Dr. Funk to craft his new, unique brand identity. Through our strategic efforts, we developed the name: HopeNWellness. It was selected because it appropriately incorporated Dr. Funk’s core values into the name. From there, our graphic designer developed the current logo and crafted the right brand aesthetic.

The official HopeNWellness logo, designed by FiG Advertising + Marketing.

Website Design And Marketing First Steps

After the branding was complete, the website was the next step. We developed an intuitive content-centric website to educate consumers on the Metagenics products. Our web designers structured the site with the consumer journey in mind, making it easy to find the content they need. In addition, we developed social media campaigns to increase brand awareness and engagement.

A screenshot of the HopeNWellness affiliate marketing website.

As the website launched in April 2018, we began our affiliate marketing efforts.

Implementing Affiliate Marketing As A Downtown Denver SEO Agency

The main tactic for our affiliate marketing efforts has been an emphasis on search engine optimization (SEO). The website’s purpose was to inform consumers, grab their interest, and support their decision process. If the content worked, the consumer would be interested enough to click on the product. From there, they would be taken to the separate HopeNWellness store hosted on Metagenics. Here is where the actual sales would take place.

This means the website content was relevant and educational, rather than promotional. Consumers are more likely to trust content that minimizes the sales-pitch and maximizes the valuable information presented. So, we structured our content to emphasize reputable facts and information to build consumer trust.

As an SEO agency in downtown Denver, we’re familiar with the most effective SEO strategies. Our approach prioritized the consumer journey. We identified the niche keywords our target audience would use in search engines. We optimized the website to match those specific keywords/phrases. Each HopeNWellness blog was developed by answering common consumer questions surrounding those niche keywords. This continuous process has been the crux of our affiliate marketing efforts.

By publishing those blogs on a monthly basis, we’ve seen some significant results. These include:

  • An increase of 1,770% in monthly user sessions year-over-year.

  • A 1,973% increase in monthly pageviews year-over-year.

  • Over 54,000 total impressions since the website launched.

  • An average click-through-rate (CTR) of 4.8%, since the site launched.

Thanks to our SEO efforts, the HopeNWellness site now ranks on the first page of search engine results for over 90 keywords.

To cap it all off, these affiliate marketing efforts have led to successful conversions. We’re proud to report that HopeNWellness has received a surge in sales during these past 3 months. These numbers are only expected to go up as the site establishes more authority.

We’re very proud of how HopeNWellness has performed so far. We can’t wait to see where our affiliate marketing takes Dr. Funk’s business next!

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