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Case Study: Denver Digital Advertising Agency Delivers Outstanding ROI For Small Business

In early 2017, FiG started out on a new partnership with redcup Beverage Service. The business, owned by Christopher Anson, is a leading provider of beverage and snack services for businesses in the Denver metro area. It’s now been over 2 years since our enduring partnership began and our hard work has delivered some significant results for redcup. As a leading Denver digital advertising agency, we’re thrilled to share some of these terrific results with you.

Our Services For redcup Thus Far

FiG initially began working with redcup to provide a comprehensive redesign for their company website. After a kickoff meeting, our expert web designers quickly got to work with the website updates. Our team emphasized a more responsive design, a mobile-friendly interface, and a more professional brand aesthetic. As any Denver digital advertising agency knows, it's incredibly critical to highlight the key differentiations of your small business. To accomplish this, we made sure that the new site would highlight their incredible coffee expertise and unrivaled customer experience.

A screenshot of the homepage for the website design of redcup Beverage Service.
The finished website design for redcup, developed and routinely improved by our Denver digital advertising agency.

We launched the redesigned website in March of 2017. Our content writers also completed an initial optimization of the website for the most appropriate keywords. Since 2017, our team has routinely updated the site’s SEO (search engine optimization) to keep up with customer interests and new searcher intents.

While we are a Denver digital advertising agency, our services encompass much more than just advertising. As time went on, we continued to publish optimized blogs to the redcup website on a monthly basis. This has ultimately helped us improve the search engine rankings of redcup. We’ve also conducted ongoing content audits to continuously improve the site rankings. In addition, our team has been handling the social media marketing efforts for redcup. The staff members of FiG wear many hats throughout each day and we use them to benefit our clients.

Results For redcup: The Successes of A Denver Digital Advertising Agency

We have been working diligently with redcup for over 2 years now. We're very proud to report that our hard work has paid off very well. After just 1 year of regular SEO work, the redcup website was ranking on the first page of search results for roughly 50 search queries. Today, after 2 years of hard work, the redcup website is now on the first page for roughly 250 search queries! Of those queries, the redcup website ranks in the 1st position for 25 queries. It is very difficult to achieve that level of search engine visibility for a small business. But, it is clearly not impossible!

A snapshot graph depicting the year-over-year increases in website visitors for redcup Beverage Service.
The year-over-year growth in terms of site users for the redcup Beverage Service website.

Our ongoing SEO efforts as a Denver digital advertising agency have generated other terrific results for redcup. These include:

  • A 97% increase in site visitors year-over-year.

  • An 81% increase in pageviews year-over-year.

  • An impressive growth in site impressions of 38% year-over-year.

  • A great growth of 34% in total clicks year-over-year.

  • And a positive conversion rate of roughly 2.23% over the past year.

The great results haven’t stopped there. On a monthly basis, the redcup website receives a great number of site visitors. While it can differ between given months, over 90% of the monthly site visitors are brand new to the site. This figure indicates that redcup is being discovered by new potential clients on a regular basis. Those new site visitors could translate into new business growth for redcup.

While we are proud of all of these glowing stats so far, there’s really only one stat that matters: the ROI. When you work with a Denver digital advertising agency you expect to see a significant increase in your sales. Why pay for professional marketing services if they don’t support sustainable business growth?

We’re proud to report that our diligent efforts have led to a significant ROI for redcup. The revenue of redcup has grown leaps and bounds over the years. Now, redcup is raking in 6x the revenue they acquired before our partnership began! That’s a monumental achievement for a small business in the Denver area. And we’re expecting that number to continue to rise.

Where Do We Go From Here?

Currently, redcup Beverage Service shows no signs of slowing down. Their business continues to expand as they consistently bring on new clients. The owner, Chris, plans to continue to expand the business offerings and bring on more staff members to meet the growing demands of the business. Our Denver digital advertising agency will be there to support their continued growth as needed.

Our staff will continue to create high quality content for redcup on a monthly basis and strive to improve those search engine rankings even further. We’ll continue to do routine SEO audits and handle the social media efforts of redcup as well. As redcup’s business needs change, FiG will be there to help them continue to grow sustainably and successfully.

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