Friday, 31 May 2019 10:50

Case Study - SEO Agency in Denver Improves Client Site Traffic By 90%

Over a year ago, FiG brought on a new client to add to our diverse portfolio: Interstate Energy, Inc. As the only Clean Burn waste-oil recycling distributor in Colorado and Eastern Wyoming, Interstate Energy was interested in expanding their customer base and acquiring a larger share of their highly competitive market. Now that we are a year into our partnership, we wanted to reflect on the dramatic ROI we’ve seen and celebrate our current successes as a leading SEO agency in Denver.

SEO Agency in Denver Optimizes Client Site For Improved Traffic

Interstate Energy is the only authorized distributor for Clean Burn products in Colorado and Eastern Wyoming; this company sells high-quality Clean Burn waste oil furnaces and boilers to businesses that produce and have to dispose of waste oil (e.g., auto repair shops, construction companies, ranches, etc.). Their unique products and customers presented a difficult challenge, only amplified by the stiff competition of other vendors in this industry.

To generate more high-quality leads and drive traffic to the business website, we’ve implemented a series of digital marketing tactics. For the past year, our SEO agency has provided Interstate Energy with not only thorough search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM), but also website redesign services, content marketing strategies, and social media management, among other services.

Reshaping the Interstate Energy Website Design

Digital marketing initiatives are often multi-pronged, but the most experienced Denver SEO agencies know that effective strategies are always centered around the business website - if your website is difficult to navigate, not user-friendly, or unprofessional, then why would your customers give you their business? One of our first priorities as an SEO agency in Denver is to redesign the company website to streamline the user experience, and Interstate Energy was no exception.

A screenshot of the original homepage for the Interstate Energy website, before the partnership began with our SEO agency in Denver.
The original homepage for Interstate Energy's website. It failed to grab site visitors and retain their attention.

Their original website, while it did drive the occasional sale, was heavily oriented towards their products - waste oil furnaces and boilers. All of their content was very informative, almost technical, however those descriptions were not effective attention grabbers and didn’t focus heavily on the consumer pain points, which made it difficult to generate quality leads. The sitemap also proved to be underutilized and the user interface (UI) lacked the finesse that competing vendor websites presented.

Our expert website designers launched the new site in September of 2018, shifting the site to a more customer-centric design. We worked to improve the UI as much as possible to help turn the site into a more user-friendly experience. The updated content utilized imagery and language that reflected the lifestyles and pain points of the audience, rather than just listing a detailed product description. Additional pages were created to help any business owners looking for ways to improve their operations find and connect with Interstate Energy easily.

The new user-oriented website design of Interstate Energy has proven successful, resulting in:

  • An increase in the organic session duration to nearly 2 minutes.

  • A conversion rate just shy of 2.5%.

These are both clear indicators that the website is (1) keeping visitors engaged and (2) full of informative content that matches the searcher intent closely.

A screenshot of the Interstate Energy website.
The homepage of the new Interstate Energy website, redesigned by our SEO agency in Denver.

As a top SEO agency in Denver, we fully understand that these great statistics are not just the result of the new site design, but also our search engine optimization strategies. A new website doesn’t mean anything if no one can find it.

Incremental Improvements From A Top SEO Agency in Denver

While search engine optimization was not the only strategy that we focused on, it has been an imperative activity for the overall success of the Interstate Energy website. With the site fully built, we optimized every web page for popular search queries and worked to build up the authority of the site through consistent content creation and SEO maintenance. Since the site launched in September of 2018, we’ve seen some significant and positive results for the website, such as:

  • An increase in the overall site traffic by 90%.

  • A monthly growth rate of 7% in total site impressions.

  • The Interstate Energy website now ranks for nearly 10,000 different search queries.

  • Along with a significant reduction in social bounces.

We’re very proud of these initial successes and the only way to move forward is to go up through continuous improvement. As our staff work continually to re-optimize the website based on consumer behavior and create engaging content on a regular basis, we’re confident that Interstate Energy will continue to see incremental improvements and successes in their SEO presence.

Ongoing Optimization From Our SEO Agency in Denver

While not every business owner may need a clean burn waste oil furnace or boiler, this industry is incredibly competitive. Vendors of these clean burn products are constantly working to optimize their businesses and improve their visibility as well. To ensure that Interstate Energy, Inc. stays at the top of the industry, our SEO agency in Denver will be re-optimizing their website regularly, and publishing new and relevant content to improve site authority. But, that’s not all.

FiG will continue to handle the digital marketing efforts of Interstate Energy on multiple fronts, including content marketing, social media management, branding support, paid advertising campaigns, and much more. We are very excited to see where our partnership takes Interstate Energy throughout the remainder of 2019 and beyond.


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