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A Race For First With Denver Content Marketing Services

In the spring of 2018, FiG began a partnership with an incredible fitness entrepreneur, Ashlee Van Buskirk. Ashlee had taken note of the broad knowledge gaps in fitness and nutrition nationwide. She had a vision to correct this problem by creating her own personal training and nutrition coaching business. In the especially competitive fitness space of Denver, FiG has helped turn that vision into reality with her new business, Whole Intent. Since our partnership began, FiG has implemented a variety of Denver content marketing services to establish Whole Intent within the city’s fitness space. We’re incredibly proud of how far we’ve come and we’re eager to continue to deliver even better results.

Recapping Our Services

When compared to the other industries of today, few markets are as competitive as the fitness space. From larger brands and gyms to Instagram influencers and solopreneurs, it can be difficult to make a name for yourself in the fitness industry. We understood that difficulty right from the get-go. Whole Intent first needed a solid foundation of brand messaging before we could start our Denver content marketing services.

Our Denver content marketing services have lead to a 3.17% growth in conversion rates over the course of 2019.

Before we began marketing Ashlee’s expertise, we first developed a unique brand identity for her business. Once the branding for Whole Intent was nailed down, we moved onto the web design phase. We structured the Whole Intent website to emphasize a user-friendly design and a polished and professional aesthetic. FiG even received a handful of awards for our branding and website design for Whole Intent.

A screenshot of the Whole Intent homepage, a website design that resulted in an award for FiG.
The homepage of the new and improved Whole Intent website.

Our Continuous Content Marketing Services

Thanks to our content marketing services, Whole Intent saw an 8% compounded monthly growth rate in site users.

As our partnership has continued, we’ve strived to drive as many high-quality leads to Whole Intent as possible. We’ve accomplished this through a number of our innovative Denver content marketing services.

We’ve focused primarily on search engine marketing (SEM) strategies. FiG has conducted intensive keyword research for search engine optimization (SEO) purposes. With those keywords in mind, FiG has routinely published well-written and informative articles on the Whole Intent site. While these articles aim to improve the search engine rankings for Whole Intent, they are written for people first. Our team has dutifully tracked the SEO progress for the site and we’ve made gradual adjustments to improve that progress.

As a result of our content marketing services in Denver, Whole Intent saw a compounding monthly incrase of 31% in clicks.

The content that we’ve created for Whole Intent has been the backbone of our Denver content marketing services. Those articles form the basis of our social media marketing efforts across numerous platforms. In addition, we’ve used that content to spearhead our video marketing initiatives, too. By integrating a variety of content marketing tactics, we’ve been able to effectively engage with her target audience at the right time and the right place.

Our Achievements Through Denver Content Marketing Services

The Whole Intent brand has come a long way over the past 2 years. The competitive nature of the Denver fitness space is just as uncompromising as before. Still, we’ve made considerable progress and we’re proud of how far Whole Intent has come.

Whole Intent recieved an increase of 113% in total site impressions year-over-year.

Thanks to our ongoing multi-pronged marketing approach, we've achieved some significant results. Whole Intent has seen:

  • An increase of 113% in total site impressions year-over-year.

  • A compounding monthly increase of 31% in clicks.

  • An 8% compounded monthly growth rate in site users.

  • And a steady conversion rate of 3.17% over the course of 2019.

We’ve focused heavily on a few of our Denver content marketing services for Whole Intent. However, we’re incredibly proud of the SEO progress we’ve made for this fitness brand. As of writing this article, Whole Intent currently ranks on the first page for over 90 relevant search engine queries!

Thanks to our SEO efforts and Denver content marketing services, Whole Intent now ranks on the first page for over 90 relevant search engine queries.

We know that the work is not yet over though. Whole Intent still has plenty of room to grow and flourish within the Denver fitness market. To stay competitive in this industry, we have to stay on top of our keyword research and content marketing strategies. At FiG, our entire marketing team will continue to work ambitiously and diligently to improve the marketing of Whole Intent.

Stay tuned for future updates on our progress!

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