Friday, 23 December 2022 13:26

Denver Marketing Agency Surpasses Goals for Talent Agency

In August of 2022, FiG began a partnership with a Denver-based modeling agency named Wolves Management. This talent agency discovers, develops, and manages the professional careers of talented individuals in the modeling industry. Wolves approached our Denver marketing agency to create a ad campaign to bring in attendees for an open casting call.

We are proud to report that our agency went above and beyond for this client and showed exactly how effective we can be at digital advertising campaigns.

Project Overview: How We Helped Wolves Management

Our partnership with Wolves Management kicked off this year with a single social media advertising campaign. This initiative was developed to raise awareness of an open casting call in Denver and acquire registrants/participants.

The casting call was open to anyone, meaning all genders, ethnicities, demographics and body shapes were welcome to participate. The casting event was specifically for an outdoor apparel and athletic brand and Wolves set an initial goal of approximately 50-75 attendees/participants.

Our team quickly set to work developing optimized ad copy and visuals for this campaign. With this challenge ahead of us, our designers and digital marketers needed to create a unique and targeted social media campaign that not only fulfilled the clients’ criteria but also satisfied our own internal goals of delivering high-quality, and effective work. This is where we were able to work our magic.

Our Marketing Results

All of the information mentioned above was essential in the creation of the campaign and the ads themselves. Our agency had a unique challenge here because we needed to target a broad group in the Denver metro area while also staying within the scope of the project.

After rounds of development internally, we were able to deliver a series of unique ads to Wolves Management. Through constant collaboration with the client, our ads were finalized and approved, thus setting in motion the rest of the campaign. Here's an example of one of the ads we produced:

Within a just a week of the campaign launch, our team managed to meet the client’s registration goals! However, we had not yet spent the entire client budget and the casting call date was over 10 days away. Our digital marketers knew that we could continue to get quality registrations and applicants for the casting call, so we reached out to the client with some recommendations.

We always want our clients to get the biggest bang for their buck. As such, we recommended continuing the campaign and potentially expanding the capacity for their casting call. The client was impressed with the engagement and our results thus far, so they agreed.

We are proud to report that by the end of the campaign, we exceeded the initial registration goal by over 366%! And all of the registrants and attendees were qualified individuals who fit our target audience.

Our casting call quickly reached capacity again once it was expanded, at which time the client officially closed registrations because they had so many qualified participants! At that time, the campaign still had several days to go and was getting a substantial amount of engagement, primarily from comments, likes, and direct messages. Our team encouraged all people who reached out about the casting call to show up at the event in the hopes they could participate, thus boosting our results even further.

We’re incredibly proud of the successful social media campaign we managed for Wolves and we’re ready to do it again for your business too.

Our Denver Marketing Agency Delivers Success for Clients Regularly

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