Wednesday, 27 October 2021 12:39

Meow Wolf’s Billboards: Thoughts from a Denver Marketing Firm

The immersive art installation company, Meow Wolf, has opened up a new location in the Denver area. The creative brand has already made a mark in Denver thanks to its unforgettable billboard displays enchanting drivers on local roads. It’s no surprise that the art installation would be an instant hit with the advertisement’s vibrant colors zoning into a black hole of riddled text. This striking campaign is a crowd-puller as advertisements undergo a contemporary shift in the age of social media. As a leading Denver marketing firm, we are here to share our thoughts on this ad campaign.

What Makes this Ad Effective?

Meow Wolf is all about immersive, engaging, and eye-catching art installations. Their newest installation at Convergence Station contains an otherworldly alien exhibit that is unlike anything you’ve seen before. As such, their splashy billboard aligns with their exhibit and extends the immersive experience into the streets. One giant display reads “If you were here, you’d be now by then,” to capture and puzzle pedestrians as they go about their day.

While many marketing gurus may advocate for clear and concise approaches to communication with a wide audience, Meow Wolf’s alternative route is a great success. Emphasizing their brand identity with unconventional displays prompts a double-take from ongoing traffic. The colorful billboard is an attention magnet – allowing it to stand out from other billboards with more standard designs. Meow Wolf accentuates their extraordinary brand through this marketing technique.

The artistic marketing strategy does more than stand out against other local displays. It also taps into the community zeitgeist. As the digital world pulls audiences in multiple directions with an ongoing flow of saturated content, it is more important than ever to find innovative ways to reach your intended audience. Meow Wolf’s bright billboards do so by aligning with the current craze for Instagrammable content which in turn helps generate organic likes and shares. The twisted syntax on the ad display is a clever maneuver to get viewers to snap a photo and wonder what the message means. That curiosity will drive them to find out more by looking up the company.

Championing Billboards for Local Appeal

Billboards are a mainstay of the marketing industry. The large display structures have been commonplace for highways and local streets since the 19th century when billboards were first utilized by advertisers. Billboards are a highly effective strategy for generating name recognition across a wide demographic. Often strategically placed in front of busy traffic routes and intersections, billboards offer constant exposure to an audience that can’t simply click away.

Meow Wolf’s decision to market through this traditional medium seamlessly targets the local Denver area that they are looking to attract. By taking a nondigital approach, their local marketing strategy will prompt word-of-mouth connections to promote the new location.

Of course, Meow Wolf isn’t just utilizing billboards, but integrating both traditional and digital mediums to drive ticket sales. It goes to show that taking advantage of billboards and local fliers to promote your business can complement your digital marketing campaign to garner the local audience you’re looking to pull.

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