Thursday, 19 December 2013 06:30

New Client Announcement: Primeflex

As our company grows, we take on more clients and we're very proud to announce the newest addition to our client list: Primeflex.

The Client:

FiG is excited to announce our new relationship with Primeflex, a label printing company located in Englewood, Colorado! Primeflex designs and prints custom labels and packaging mainly for consumer products, but with a specialization in flexible packaging solutions. They operate out of Englewood but have the ability to print and design labels for clients across the country. We’re especially excited to start working with Primeflex because of their reputation for solving unique label-related problems for their clients.

The Project:

FiG will be working with Primeflex on a new website and ongoing SEO. The current website has served Primeflex well for many years, however they are looking for a modern update with a sleek design – to which FiG will provide! FiG will also be leveraging online content and performing ongoing SEO for the website to try and drum up more online business leads.

We’re very excited to start working with the team over at Primeflex, so stay tuned to see the brand new website launched!