Thursday, 18 March 2021 13:51

Expanding Reach With An Upgraded Website Design In Denver, CO

Roughly a year ago, Real FiG Advertising + Marketing started up a partnership with a local insurance agency called Adler Insurance Group. Over the past year, we have launched their company website, developed and executed search engine marketing campaigns, and managed a series of paid social media advertisements. As we are entering the second year of our partnership, we'll be working to expand their marketing reach through numerous ways, starting with a comprehensive upgrade of their website design in Denver, CO.

Recapping Our Past Work

As mentioned earlier, this isn't our first project with Adler Insurance Group. Our partnership originally began near the start of 2020 as this small insurance agency lacked a strong digital presence. The agency president, David Adler, wanted to change that and approached our digital agency.

Before too long, our web designers were hard at work creating the new site for the small Denver-based agency. We set out to create a responsive site design with a refined brand aesthetic that was engaging, eye-catching, and informative. Since the agency operates as an Allstate brokerage, we made sure the site was in full compliance with the legal restrictions of Allstate.

The finished single-page site design for Adler Insurance Group was launched in February of 2020, and we set to work on the next phases of our partnership. As a top paid search agency in Denver, we developed a series of search engine ad campaigns for Adler. In tandem with those ads, we also began coordinating and managing paid ad campaigns on their social media channels too.

This multi-pronged approach has generated great leads and a number of impressive results over the past year for Adler Insurance. But, we were only getting started.

Upgrading The Adler Website Design In Denver, CO

The Adler website has been performing well over the past year, but the majority of the site traffic has come from paid advertisements. The agency wanted to achieve more long-term sustainability from their marketing methods, which meant we needed to refocus on strategic search engine optimization (SEO).

To improve our SEO efforts for the agency, we needed to expand the company website into a multi-page design. While it is true that a single-page site can lead to more conversions, that design choice comes with some significant SEO drawbacks (SearchEngineJournal). Single-page sites can often struggle to rank for a wide variety of keywords and they don't allow for some more advanced SEO strategies.

For that reason, we began upgrading the website design for Adler Insurance Group by separating out their insurance services into multiple pages. Our SEO specialists identified the most relevant and appropriate locally-based keywords for those service areas. We then began drafting quality content that was not only highly informative and original but also fully optimized for those keywords.

The revamped Adler Insurance Group website design in Denver, CO.
A screenshot of the new and improved website design for Adler Insurance Group.

We launched the revamped website design for Adler Insurance earlier in February of 2021 and we're very excited to see how our SEO strategy plays out for our client.

Automating Adler's Marketing Efforts

Now that our SEO strategy is up-and-running, our marketers at FiG will start automating bits and pieces of our marketing efforts for Adler. In the next phase of our partnership, we will focus on creating automated email campaigns to keep prospective clients engaged with Adler Insurance and acquire more testimonials for their brand.

Every business knows that customer reviews are incredibly important. Those testimonials and reviews have the power to influence consumer decisions, strengthen a company's credibility, and establish trust in a brand (Medium). And in the insurance industry, reviews are that much more important.

To that end, we will be establishing an automated process for Adler that asks new and past customers to write reviews on third-party platforms. This initiative will help increase Adler's digital visibility and credibility, in the hopes of bringing in an increasing number of conversions.

Ongoing Paid Search Campaigns

A multi-pronged marketing strategy is always the best bet for any kind of company! To top off our automation and SEO efforts, our digital marketers will continue to create paid search campaigns for Adler Insurance.

As mentioned earlier, paid search has served as their main source of leads this past year. During some months, we even saw paid search conversion rates as high as 44%! This clearly indicates to us that paid search is a reliable marketing channel for Adler Insurance. For that reason, our marketers will continue to monitor and adjust our bid strategy to ensure every penny of the Adler marketing budget works for their benefit.

We're very excited to see how the new website design for Adler Insurance performs in the near future. So, stay tuned for future updates!

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