Monday, 05 April 2021 11:04

Denver Web Designers Give CRE Experts A Virtual Facelift

Once again, our marketers at Real FiG Advertising + Marketing are proud to announce another budding partnership. Our Denver web designers recently began working with Lavoro Consulting, a commercial real estate consulting agency. The CRE experts at Lavoro wanted to expand their digital presence, and FiG was more than thrilled by the opportunity to help.

A Little More On Lavoro Consulting

Lavoro Consulting was founded in 2018 by Debra Brown, a well-versed CRE professional with over 20 years of experience in interior design, space management, and corporate real estate services. Having achieved a great deal through her rewarding career, Debra sought to branch out on her own to leverage her CRE expertise to benefit companies small and large.

Lavoro has generated some great results these past few years, but towards the end of 2020, Debra decided it was time to revamp her digital presence. That's where our Denver web designers came into play.

Website Rebuild

From the get-go, our partnership with Lavoro Consulting has been focused on improving their digital presence. In order to accomplish this goal, we needed to revamp the search engine optimization (SEO) strategy for Lavoro. That meant we needed to rebuild their company site with a fully custom website design.

The original site structure lacked the necessary organization to create a solid foundation of SEO. To correct this issue, our designers separated all of the CRE services offered by Lavoro and created individual pages for those service areas. This expanded site structure is at the core of just about any successful SEO strategy. As we developed each page, our content writers optimized the page content for relevant and appropriate keywords.

In addition, our web design team emphasized a streamlined user experience, a responsive website design, and a stronger brand identity as we redesigned Lavoro's site. We took great care to ensure the client website was easy to navigate and interact with, to help ensure a better page experience for each visitor. We focused on making the Lavoro branding consistent, impactful, and engaging across the site with their brand colors, imagery, and more.

The new and improved website design for Lavoro Consulting went live in December 2020. We've still got plenty of work to do for Lavoro.

A screenshot of the new and improved site design for Lavoro Consulting, courtesy of our Denver web designers.
A screenshot of the new homepage design for Lavoro Consulting.

Ongoing SEO Efforts

As we have established a strong SEO foundation for Lavoro Consulting, our marketers can now focus more heavily on improving the organic search rankings for Lavoro. Our content writers have not wasted a single moment on this phase of the project.

On a monthly basis, we will continue to create original and fully optimized articles for Lavoro Consulting. These pieces will provide readers with value-add information and will target relevant keywords and phrases associated with their offered CRE services.

Over time, these pieces will strengthen the organic search engine rankings for Lavoro Consulting. We will be certain to adjust our SEO strategy each month to ensure Lavoro continues to receive highly qualified leads.

Additional Marketing Services

We're all familiar with the age-old idiom, "the proof is in the pudding." It essentially means that you don't know the real value or success of something until you put it to the test. That's exactly what we'll do for Lavoro.

Our marketers have installed heatmap software on the client website and we've set up Lavoro on a call tracking platform as well. These analytical resources will help us measure the effectiveness of our marketing strategies and identify ways to improve our efforts.

In addition, FiG will continue to manage the social media channels for Lavoro Consulting and provide numerous social media marketing services to attract more followers as well.

We're very excited to see where our marketing strategy takes Lavoro Consulting in the near future. So be sure to stay tuned for future updates on our progress!

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