Friday, 30 April 2021 14:57

Ad Agency In Denver Restarts Client Advertising Strategy

At Real FiG Advertising + Marketing, we're always thrilled to have new opportunities to work with past clients. Our ad agency in Denver recently restarted an advertising partnership with one of our former clients: Great Plains Moving And Storage. Our past marketing initiatives with this moving company have seen great success, and we're excited to see how our strategy performs this time around.

Background On Great Plains Moving And Storage

Originally established in 1896, Great Plains Moving and Storage has been a long-time leader among moving companies all along the Front Range. This company provides moving and storage services for both residential and commercial moves that are local, cross-country, or international.

In the past, we've worked very closely with Great Plains Moving and Storage on a few projects. Our most significant marketing project took place back in 2015, as our marketers at FiG designed, optimized, and launched a new company website for Great Plains Moving and Storage. We've also provided previous support for their company with retainer SEO services and additional marketing collateral.

New Advertising From Our Ad Agency In Denver

FiG recently restarted our partnership with Great Plains Moving and Storage, as they wanted to revitalize their marketing efforts in the wake of the pandemic. As we specialize in both digital advertising and traditional advertising in Denver, we were eager to get to work on this project.

Our marketers developed a three-part advertising strategy for Great Plains to help drive qualified leads to their business. Let's break down our advertising efforts by each initiative.

Radio Advertisements

Great Plains needed help expanding its brand awareness and creating connections within Colorado communities. Fortunately, the AM and PM radio stations in Colorado offer great platforms to accomplish exactly that.

We leveraged our media buying connections within the radio industry to develop audio ads/sponsorships for Great Plains. These ads emphasized the many ways that Great Plains has supported local communities over the years and they mentioned the long history of the company too.

Our marketers got those sponsorships placed on Colorado Public Radio stations throughout the state for the entirety of April. We made sure those radio sponsorships would appear around peak commute times for AM/PM listeners.

Digital And Print Advertising

In tandem with our radio ad strategy, we additionally developed a half-page advertorial for the Denver Relocation Guide. This resource functions as a helpful guide for anyone who's moving to Denver, making it a great place to advertise moving-related services.

Our creative marketers developed advertorials for the print version of the Relocation Guide and the online version as well. We made sure that these advertorials positioned Great Plains Moving and Storage in a positive light and outlined the capabilities of the moving company.

Direct Mail Campaigns

The final piece of our multi-pronged marketing strategy revolved around a direct mail campaign. This campaign was directly linked to our advertising efforts with the Denver Relocation Guide.

Our graphic designer created a well-branded and highly effective graphic for Great Plains that would be sent out by the Denver Relocation Guide. This direct mail piece would then direct consumers back to the Great Plains website. Check out an example of this direct mail piece below!

The direct mail piece for Great Plains Moving and Storage, developed by Real FiG Advertising + Marketing.
The direct mail piece that FiG developed for Great Plains Moving & Storage.

This diversified marketing strategy has already generated some fantastic leads for Great Plains Moving and Storage! We're excited to find new opportunities for growth for Great Plains down the line.

Stay tuned for more results on our marketing efforts!

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