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Wellness Service Gains Speed With A Website Design In Denver

Our client portfolio at FiG continues to expand! Everyone at our ad agency is pleased to announce our newest partnership with Functional Recovery & Enhancement (FRE for short). This unique Denver-based business is an innovative“wellness on wheels” service that brings a number of cutting-edge therapies and treatments all over the metro area. FRE was founded in the early spring of 2020 and while they experienced many initial successes, FRE knew they could accomplish more. We started off our partnership with FRE by creating a new website design in Denver for their business. And we have much more in store for our new client.

Who Is FRE?

Functional Recovery & Enhancement was founded earlier this year by Ari DePaola with the simple goal of helping people find optimal health and helping them live their life free of injury or illness. As a company, FRE provides a holistic and drug-free approach to medical care, as they offer a wide array of innovative therapies and treatments. These include therapies such as:

  • Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT)
  • BEMER therapy
  • Infrared sauna therapy
  • And even mobile IV therapies

These innovative practices aim to treat people suffering from brain injuries and autoimmune diseases, alongside athletes interested in improving their performance, and anyone else who wants to improve their overall health and wellness. And we can’t forget to mention the best part: FRE brings their treatments and therapies to their clients.

FRE is the ONLY mobile wellness company in Denver that offers all of these treatments in one place. As a “Wellness on Wheels” business, FRE will bring the therapies to a place that’s convenient for their clients. What could be better than that?

The New FRE Website Design In Denver

Our first project with FRE was to create a brand new website for their company. And as an award-winning website design company in Denver, our designers were eager to get to work.

At the beginning of our project, we knew the design’s layout needed to be streamlined and organized for easy user navigation. Our design team separated out the unique services of FRE into submenus to capitalize upon our later search engine optimization (SEO) efforts and allows users to easily find the exact information they needed.

To encourage conversions, we made sure to put their mobile capabilities front-and-center on the homepage. This way, visitors could quickly understand what FRE does and they could book an appointment even quicker. We also knew that social media was going to be one of their main traffic channels. For that reason, we made sure to integrate their Instagram posts as a core feature on the homepage.

To create a professional brand image, our designers placed bright and uplifting imagery across the site to represent the ease of recovery thanks to FRE. We made sure the brand identity was clean and consistent, by minimizing clutter and placing the colors of their logo (light green, purple, and dark blue) across the whole site.

As the general design was developed, our content writers were hard at work developing well-written copy for the entire site. Our SEO specialists conducted thorough keyword research to pinpoint the perfect phrases to target on each page. From there, we drafted content that not only spoke to the unique differentiations of FRE but also achieved a hopeful and informative tone. Through our review process, we made sure the content was engaging, easy-to-read, and encouraged conversions.

Check out the new and improved website design for Functional Recovery and Enhancement.
A screenshot of the new website design for Functional Recovery & Enhancement.

We launched the new FRE website at the end of November. With our initial project wrapped up, our marketers can now pivot into the next phase of our budding partnership.

Ongoing SEO Services

Every business needs a website, but it won’t truly deliver results unless you’re focusing on your SEO. Without SEO, brands can struggle to bring in organic traffic, build trust and credibility, and improve their user experience (SearchEngineJournal). That’s why FiG will be handling the SEO strategy for FRE for the foreseeable future.

In this phase of our partnership, our digital marketers will be creating blog content for the FRE website. These articles will target local relevant keywords while simultaneously providing valuable information to the client’s target audience. We will work diligently to ensure our blog content addresses the search intent and is considered to be “high-quality” in the eyes of search engines.

Social Media Marketing

Our digital marketers will additionally be handling the marketing strategy behind the social media platforms of FRE. We will mainly focus on the official FRE Instagram page, as we work to improve their following and turn the social profile into a reliable traffic channel for the site. Our graphic designer has already been working hard to create branded social posts that are visually interesting and promote upcoming events and partnerships.

Our work has only begun with Functional Recovery & Enhancement. We know we still have a lot to accomplish for this client and we’ll put our best foot forward to deliver the results FRE needs.

Stay tuned for future updates on our progress!

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