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Revitalizing Dementia Care As A Chicago Web Design Firm

Our marketers at FiG are very excited to announce the addition of another client to our ever-growing portfolio. Thanks to our new Chicago-based office, we have struck up a new partnership with The Creeks, an innovative assisted living community specializing in personalized memory care. As The Creeks was beginning to establish their third memory care residence, the owner of the company decided it was time to update their digital presence. They came to our Chicago web design firm to get started on the process, and FiG was more than thrilled to provide a helping hand.

A Brief Background On Our New Client

There comes a point in many seniors' lives when they can no longer live on their own. Those individuals can be well taken care of in assisted living facilities. However, seniors with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease require specialized memory support services in addition to their assisted living needs. The Creeks aims to provide both those services in an idyllic home-like environment.

In 2009, Teresa Crawford founded her first memory care residence called The Aspen Creek in Sullivan, IL. As the nurturing and supportive community reached capacity, Teresa sought to expand her company operations. Now with a second community in Troy, IL, The Creeks is founding a third location in Cheyenne, Wyoming. This expansion into the new region prompted the owner to seek out an effective way to improve their digital marketing efforts.

Building The New Site As A Chicago Web Design Firm

Our partnership with The Creeks started off with the development of a new website for the business. While The Creeks had a functional website, their original design was not living up to the company’s expectations. The site painted a charming picture of the memory support residences, but it was struggling to attract qualified leads. So our web designers began developing the entire website from scratch.

A screenshot of the original site design for The Creeks, before working with our Chicago web design firm.
A screenshot of the original site design for The Creeks.

We began by restructuring the entire site design to improve the site navigation. After all, site navigation plays a key role in your visitor retention rates (Forbes). Each memory support residence was given its own page on the site, with corresponding subpages for amenities, about pages, and tour requests. This site structure allowed us to focus on the unique qualities of each residence and what distinguishes them from one another.

Our experienced web designers then worked to improve the overall aesthetic quality of the site. We created a cohesive brand identity across the entire site, leveraging real photos from the communities for an authentic feel. We additionally positioned the amenities and features front and center on the site, leveraging icons to catch the attention of site visitors quickly. We can’t forget about the strategic placement of client testimonials and contact forms throughout the location pages.

With the final touches placed on the design, our content writers began drafting optimized content for the various pages of the site. As dementia care can often be very technical, we aimed to embody the friendly and homey atmosphere of the communities in the content’s tone. While we worked to capture the resident experience in our writing, we made sure each page was fully optimized for the most relevant local keywords.

The new homepage layout for The Creeks, courtesy of our Chicago web design firm.
The redesigned homepage layout for The Creeks, courtesy of FiG.

The finished website for The Creeks went live in late June 2020. Our marketers wasted no time moving onto our next digital marketing efforts.

Ongoing Search Engine Marketing

With the website up and running, our partnership transitioned into its second phase of search engine marketing (SEM). To build upon the SEO foundation established on the client site, FiG began publishing monthly blog content. Our content writers have targeted an abundance of local phrases relevant to their memory care services. Thus far, we have seen gradual monthly improvements for a number of key phrases and terms.

In tandem to our ongoing SEO efforts, our marketers have been managing a number of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaigns. These text-based ads have been targeting the geographic regions of the three Creeks communities and our marketers have been in the hours to ensure they’re reaching the right individuals. We will continue to leverage this dual-pronged approach to keep driving qualified leads to The Creeks site.

Marketing Automation Efforts

In the competitive industry of assisted living communities, it can be challenging to keep your target audience in the sales funnel. Children of aging parents with dementia will tend to shop around and compare their options for memory care homes. To keep site visitors engaged and interested in The Creeks, our marketers will establish marketing automation workflows.

At FiG, we will be developing a series of different automated marketing messages that correspond with various positions in the sales funnel. These messages will hopefully nudge consumers in the right direction to schedule a tour of the community and then sign the contract.

As time goes on, we’ll continue to tweak and improve our automated marketing efforts to benefit The Creeks. We know that we still have plenty to prove for our new client.

Stay tuned for future updates on our digital marketing efforts!

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