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Driving Insurance Leads As A Paid Search Agency In Denver

We’re excited to share that FiG has recently started up another partnership with the Adler Insurance Group! David Adler has led his own insurance agency in the Denver metro area for a few years now, operating as an Allstate brokerage. His company offers numerous forms of insurance coverage, including vehicle, homeowner, and life insurance policies. David was interested in expanding the digital visibility of his business to generate more leads. As a leading paid search agency in Denver, FiG was thrilled to have the opportunity to help David.

Before our partnership began, the Adler Insurance Group did not have a strong online presence. If we hoped to connect the agency with the right people, we needed to firmly establish their insurance agency online. We kicked off our partnership by first designing a new company website for the Adler Insurance Group.

Developing The Adler Website

Our website design specialists were presented with a bit of challenge with the Adler Insurance website. The agency operates as a brokerage for Allstate, a nationwide insurance provider. Due to the nature of that relationship, we were forced to navigate some stringent rules and restrictions on how we could develop the Adler website. The compliance requirements of the insurance industry pushed our design team to think outside the box and consider alternative customizations in our design.

Nevertheless, the Adler site needed to be in full compliance with those legal restrictions. The designers at our paid search agency in Denver were well prepared to take on this challenge. Our team worked earnestly to ensure that the final Adler website design and supporting content aligned with those legalities. The finished design met those standards and we were still able to exercise a great deal of creativity on the site.

The FiG web design team strived to create a single-page website for Adler that was engaging, responsive, and informative. Our staff members integrated:

  • Numerous responsive elements to keep site visitors interested and engaged.

  • Rotating banners and content sections to outline all of their offered forms of insurance.

  • A refined brand aesthetic that was consistent and professional throughout the entire site.

  • A mobile-friendly design to generate more leads from mobile device users.

  • Informative content pieces that were written for people first and search engines second.

As a top paid search agency in Denver, we knew that Adler needed an effective site design to capture inbound leads. That’s why we aimed to create a site that clearly communicated valuable information in an appealing and straightforward manner.

A website screenshot. Another website design screenshot.

The new website for the Adler Insurance Group launched in early February of 2020. We’re very excited to see how the site performs and where it goes in the near future!

Search Engine Campaigns

With the Adler website in place, we have begun to implement the next phase of our marketing efforts. As a top paid search agency in Denver, we are very excited to focus on developing search engine ad campaigns for Adler Insurance.

Competition is very high in the insurance space of the Denver metro area. So many insurance agencies are constantly vying for the attention of new clients. To get an edge on the competition, our paid search specialists will be conducting in-depth keyword research for our paid search campaigns.

We will be using highly targeted local search terms related to their offered insurance packages. To ensure we’re optimizing every bit of their advertising budget, our paid search team will also compile and implement a list of negative keywords and continuously monitor and adjust our bid strategy. As the campaigns continue, our PPC specialists will track and adjust our local targeting methods to ensure the ads generate the best ROI for Adler Insurance.

Social Media Marketing

In our digital age, you cannot ignore the social media sphere. Social commerce has been steadily rising over the past few years. It has become increasingly clear that social media is an incredibly important piece of any digital marketing strategy.

At FiG, we strive to develop a multi-pronged approach to every digital marketing campaign that we develop. In addition to our paid search campaigns, we will also coordinate and manage paid social media campaigns for Adler Insurance. These highly targeted social media campaigns will work to accomplish two goals:

  • To increase their social followings across a number of platforms.

  • To drive more high-quality leads to the Adler Insurance website.

We’re positive that these social media marketing efforts will increase the digital visibility of the Adler Insurance Group. We are all very eager to see how these campaigns perform.

A quote about our paid search agency in Denver.

Stay tuned for future updates on our digital marketing progress for the Adler Insurance Group!

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