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Why Your Business Needs A Customized Website From A Top Denver Web Designer

The great Mile High city has been experiencing tumultuous changes in the past decade. Swarms of people are flocking to Denver on a daily basis and the competition for local businesses has become tougher. If you want to stand out from the crowd, your business needs an impactful and incredible website. Ask any Denver web designer and they’ll tell you how important your site is to your business and how customization is vitally important. As a leading Denver web design company, we can provide an impressive range of customization for your website.

Our Custom Capabilities As A Leading Denver Web Designer

All too often we see small businesses opt for template websites from nationwide chains. While template designs can work fine, they lack originality, imagination, brand identity, and so much more. Any Denver web designer can spot a template website design from a mile away, and many consumers can as well. You don’t want to lose potential leads just because you have a poor website design. That’s where site customization comes in handy.

At FiG Advertising + Marketing, we’ve been designing high-quality custom websites for years. From customized e-commerce projects to affiliate marketing sites, our Denver web design company can create customized sites to match your business needs. We accomplish these complete customizations by utilizing Joomla as our content management system (CMS).

The Flexibility Of Joomla

Our team loves to use Joomla because this CMS allows for unlimited creative potential. With Joomla, the sky's the limit for your site customization. The CMS lets us fully develop and implement unique layouts, user interfaces (UI), and so much more. With our custom capabilities, our Denver web design company can fully craft a unique brand identity for your business site. To give you a better idea of our capabilities, the Joomla system allows us to:

  • Integrate custom-built forms and tools onto your business website.

  • Build out powerful PHP applications to create an impressive centerpiece on your site.

  • Integrate incredible security features to maintain the health of your site.

  • Ensure that your site is 100% mobile friendly and multilingual.

  • Add custom extensions and more to improve the quality of your site.

One of our favorite aspects of the Joomla software is the immense flexibility it provides. As a top Denver web designer, we understand the importance of gathering actionable data to improve business websites. Thanks to Joomla’s flexibility, we can easily install important tracking software on our custom sites. Many template sites are not as adaptable to tracking software.

The more you learn about Joomla, the better this CMS gets. Not only can it provide a wide range of customization, Joomla also offers great command over search engine optimization as well. All of your site content from your articles to your sidebars can be fully optimized for search engine traffic.

And we can’t forget one of the best selling points on Joomla. The software is entirely open source, which means Joomla is a completely free CMS. By using Joomla, our Denver web design company passes this cost benefit onto you! What could be better?!

How A Custom Website Benefits Your Brand

In our modern age, your business cannot succeed without a website. For some business owners, a website might not feel like a priority. They might just go with the cheapest Denver web designer for a standard template design. That site could work just fine, but you’d be limiting the potential of your business with that decision. A custom website is the best choice for your business for a number of reasons.

A custom website helps you stand out from the competition. Template websites are templates for a reason: they’re generic and somewhat applicable across industries. Let’s not forget how template sites can feel boring, unoriginal, and just lazy. Those template sites can be really off putting for many consumers, especially when they lack the UI and UX insight a custom site can bring to the shopping experience. There are already a thousand other look-alike sites out there that aren’t personalized to the customer, so why should your site follow that trend? A high-quality Denver web designer can create a customized website to help your business stand out.

A custom site creates a unique brand identity for your business. You cannot undervalue the importance of branding in the modern era. Without consistent and professional branding, consumers will have a hard time trusting your business. A custom site will not only match your branding standards, it will enhance your brand identity as well.

A custom site will be owned solely by you. Some template hosts may give you access to your site, but they restrict ownership to the website design company. When you work with a professional Denver web design company, you become the sole owner of the site once it’s completed and paid for. Site ownership may seem inconsequential in the short term. We’re positive that you’ll be singing a different tune when you want to adjust things on the business website.

Create Your Custom Site With The Best Denver Web Designer

Your website is the first point of contact with tons of your potential customers. Do you want to make an impact on those website visitors? Then your business needs a custom built website from a top Denver web designer.

Contact FiG Advertising + Marketing today and start working with our Denver web design company.