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4 Things To Consider In B2B Web Development In Denver

We live in a digital-centric society. Every business needs a website if they hope to stay competitive. Whether you operate a B2C and B2B business, you will find it difficult to succeed without an effective website design. Before you jump on a specific design of your website, you might want to weigh some important considerations first. As leading providers of web development in Denver, we wanted to share our thoughts on some of the most important things that your website needs.

Unique Customization

As of writing this, there are over 1.7 billion websites live on the internet right now. That’s billion, with a “b.” New websites are created every single day, so that astronomical number will just continue to rise. This surplus of websites should hopefully demonstrate the competitive nature of the online space. If you hope to get any website visitors, then you need a B2B website that’s unlike your competition. Complete site customization can make all the difference on the success of your site.

A customized website will give your business distinction and help you stand out from the crowd. You can rest assured that a decent chunk of the websites online today are template designs. Consumers can spot template sites from a mile away. They’re unoriginal, bland, and overly formulaic, which leaves a bad impression on the average consumer.

Custom websites give you tons of freedom as you start the process of web development in Denver. Would you like eye-catching smart videos on your landing pages? Custom-built websites can make that happen. What about a more minimalistic approach? Or perhaps a site with bold animations and color schemes? Customization can deliver those kinds of aesthetic designs. Only web design professionals can promise that level of customization. They’re the only ones who can deliver that kind of high-quality web development in Denver.

Thumb-Friendly Mobile Design

We bet that you’re reading this article on your smartphone right now. If not, you’re part of the dwindling desktop user base. More and more people are starting to prefer mobile devices over their computers for just about everything internet related. In fact, the total number of mobile internet users worldwide officially surpassed desktop users in 2017. And that percentage is only expected to continue it’s dramatic rise. When you approach web development in Denver, you have to think mobile-first.

Your website design needs to be adapted well to mobile devices in a thumb-friendly manner. When we say “thumb-friendly,” we mean that your mobile navigation needs to be within your thumbs reach. Think about how you hold your smartphone. The typical user will wrap their fingers around the back and use their thumb to scroll through content. Now just imagine how your website design should fit into that user behavior.

To make your web design “thumb-friendly,” we’d recommend you avoid placing icons in the far top corners of the screen. Those corners are often the hardest places for your thumb to reach. You should also take into account how the majority of the population is right-handed. So, you could place your mobile icons closer to the right side of the screen. However, this decision could alienate any left-handed website visitors. Our website designers could go on for hours on the importance of “thumb-friendly” mobile designs. However, this in-depth article did a brilliant job of explaining the concept even further.

At FiG, we approach every project of web development in Denver with a mobile-first orientation. We strive to ensure that all of our website designs are mobile-friendly and thumb-friendly as well.

Content Funnel For Generating Leads

You can’t have a website without content! It’s basically an unspoken law of the internet. Your website content is your main tool to attract site visitors and generate leads. Content is your selling point; it’s how you convince site visitors that they actually need your services. In any case of web development in Denver, our web designers think strategically about how the site encourages immediate actions.

What will drive your site visitors to fill out a contact form? What will motivate them to give your business a call? How will your site content drive actions towards your end-goals? Your website is basically the centerpiece of your content strategy. A high-quality B2B website might include things like:

  • Conversion Offers - Some site visitors could be close to converting, but they might need some extra incentive. You could offer a downloadable in-depth case study in exchange for their contact information. Then your salespeople can follow up with them for a more personal interaction.

  • Strategic Calls To Action - CTAs are the main driver behind most user actions. They can make a huge difference on how you convert leads and what kind of steps the user takes. Use CTAs strategically on your site to guide users to take specific actions.

The content of your site needs to convince visitors to convert. We understand that writing that kind of content is often easier said than done. Professional content writers can draft well-written content pieces that are widely accessible and encourage site visitors to take immediate action. At FiG, web development in Denver is one of our specialties and we can develop impressive site content for your new B2B website.

Continuous Adjustments For An Optimized User Experience

Websites will only deliver high-quality leads when they are routinely optimized for the user experience (UX). You could just create a website, publish a few blogs, and then leave it be. However, your business would miss out on a wealth of opportunity. In any case of web development in Denver, you should routinely reoptimize your site based on the UX.

UX can be influenced by a number of things, from the site navigation to the page load times. There are a number of ways that you can track the typical UX and improve upon it. Try to:

  • Use Google Analytics to understand how your site retains visitors and how users interact with your content.

  • Install heat mapping software on your website. This simple implementation can uncover crucial insights and consumer behaviors that might improve the quality of your site.

  • Ask new and past clients about their experiences on your website! The best improvements can come right from your current and former clientele. They’ve gone through the process, so they know where the hiccups are.

You need to keep a constant eye on the performance of your site. Continuous tweaks and adjustments are critical to the success of your site.

Improve Your B2B Site With The Best Web Development In Denver

At FiG Advertising + Marketing, we are not strangers to the complexities of web design. Over the years, our website designers have completed a plethora of beautiful websites that have consistently produced outstanding ROIs. We’re always eager to take on another challenge and test our abilities at web development in Denver.

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