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Raising The Roof With Local Internet Advertising In Denver

Everyone at FiG is pleased to announce the addition of another client to our diverse portfolio. We’ve recently begun a partnership with a roofing and restoration services company called Michaels & Marc. This trusted roofing contractor has been an industry leader in the Denver metro area for years. As the Denver competition has gotten stiffer, Michaels & Marc wanted to improve their digital presence and marketing efforts across the front range. FiG was happy to lend a helping hand. From website development to local internet advertising in Denver, we’re excited to start working with this outstanding roofing company.

In order to get our internet advertising campaigns started, we needed to lay down a solid foundation first. That all starts with establishing a strong web presence through a robust website design.

A New Michaels & Marc Website

As with many of our clients, Michaels & Marc was in dire need of a website redesign. We first began our partnership with a comprehensive redesign of the company website. In order to succeed at local internet advertising in Denver’s metro area, we needed to first cultivate content that established the company as an industry leader. That was at the heart of our website redesign efforts.

Our website designers noticed some immediate problems with the original Michaels & Marc website. There was a vast amount of empty negative space on the site that was being underutilized, which we felt we should correct. We also found that the original homepage (pictured below) was unengaging, uninformative, and lacked a way to convince site visitors to convert. We took all of these issues into consideration as we redesigned their site.

A screenshot of the original Michaels & Marc website, before the partnership with FiG began.
The original homepage for the Michaels & Marc website. Our web designers immediately noticed the overwhelming amount of empty space.

To cultivate that desired industry leader trust, our team focused on developing a site structure that stressed a multitude of location-based contact pages. As we developed the content for those pages, we had a heavy focus on the search engine optimization (SEO) for those pages. For those pages, our team focused on highly targeted location-based keywords. Of course, we still made sure that those pages were written for people first and search engines second.

Our website developers also worked to implement more responsive design elements on the site. We prioritized a mobile-friendly interface, as a majority of site visitors will be researching contractors via smartphones. To bring it all together, we created a strong brand identity across the entire site that blended pleasing aesthetics with informative content.

The new Michaels & Marc website officially launched in the middle of December 2019. We’re very proud of our work thus far and we’re excited to see how their new site performs.

A screenshot of the homepage of the newly redesigned Michaels & Marc Restoration website, a key component of our local internet advertising in Denver.

SEO Strategies & PPC Campaigns

When it comes to local advertising in Denver, you cannot pursue just one strategy. If you hope to maximize your results, then your digital strategy needs to be multi-pronged. That’s exactly what we aim to do for Michaels & Marc.

Our SEO specialists understand that SEO is incredibly important for any local internet advertising in Denver. You need a strong local search engine presence to legitimize your operations.

Our team has worked diligently to develop highly targeted local SEO strategies for Michaels & Marc. Through educational blog content, back-linking tactics, and other strategic SEO work, we will work to improve Michaels & Marc rankings across a wide variety of relevant local SERPs.

FiG won’t stop there though. PPC campaigns will also play a role in Michaels & Marc’s local internet advertising in Denver and other communities along the front range. Our talented advertisers will create well-targeted PPC campaigns to drive high-quality leads to the client website.

Ongoing Social Media Marketing

In our digital-centric world, we can’t just solely focus on SEO and PPC campaigns. We won’t restrict our local internet advertising in Denver exclusively to search engine marketing strategies. To generate the best results for Michaels & Marc, our talented marketers will also develop and execute social media marketing campaigns.

As our partnership continues, we will create effective social media marketing campaigns across numerous social platforms. We will handle everyday organic strategies and advertising campaigns as well. These campaigns will work in tandem to cultivate a stronger social following for Michaels & Marc and to send more high-quality leads to their website.

We’re very excited to see where our marketing efforts take Michaels & Marc. Stay tuned for future updates!

A quote image about our local internet advertising in Denver for Michaels & Marc. It reads, 'As our partnership continues, we will create effective social media marketing campaigns across numerous social platforms.'

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