Monday, 25 May 2020 11:21

Upgrading The HR Aesthetic As A Top Brand Agency In Denver

FiG is pleased to announce the addition of another valuable client to our portfolio: Solvere HR Consulting. Founded by Reagan Free in 2016, Solvere HR provides exceptional HR solutions for Denver-based businesses. We struck up our partnership with Solvere HR to initially update their official company branding. As a top brand agency in Denver, we were more than happy to provide our design expertise. Our collaborative work on the company branding was not solely limited to the logo design though. The marketing pros at FiG have put in the work to help achieve the big marketing aspirations of Solvere HR.

Logo Design

Creative experts at Entrepreneur Media agree that every small business needs to have a strong logo if they hope to succeed. Your logo is the first touchpoint that you have with your target audience, so it needs to effectively resonate with them. Do you want to make a lasting impression on potential customers or a poor first impression? Solvere HR realized that they needed to update their branding if they hoped to attract and retain more customers. Our designers were eager to lend a helping hand.

Over the years, our brand agency in Denver has designed a number of professional logos for businesses of all sizes. We excel in the design process because we understand what separates outstanding logos from sub-par logos. An exceptional logo design must:

  • Be authentic and unique

  • Be impactful and memorable

  • Reflect your brand values and influences

Brands are created every day, but that doesn’t mean each one will meet these criteria. Many logos look overly simplistic and generic, while others are too confusing and overly complex. It can be quite difficult to balance your design enough to strike that middle ground. While the original logo design for Solvere HR was unique and authentic, we felt it could be improved upon.

original client logo, before our improvements as a brand agency in Denver.

The original logo for Solvere HR (pictured above) had been in place since the company was founded in 2016. This design was unique and authentic, showcasing a bold font and a cursive “S” with a warm color tone. While Solvere’s original logo had been effective for years, every brand inevitably needs to be refreshed and updated to reflect changes in the business. We knew that our design team could improve upon the original Solvere HR brand with a sleeker design.

The designers of our brand agency in Denver quickly set to work on this logo redesign. We aimed to develop a logo that emphasized the nature of their consultancy while simultaneously communicating the central importance of their services. The logo needed to resonate with potential customers and carry a professional aesthetic to encapsulate the core values of the agency. We focused on changing the brand colors from warm tones to cooler ones, to make the concept of HR consulting more inviting and calming.

logo design by our brand agency in Denver.

We believe that the final logo design (pictured above) effectively communicates the strategic value of the HR consultancy. The logo plays off of intersecting pieces that come together to create a whole. This design appeals to the nature of any business, while it simultaneously showcases the integral role that Solvere HR will play with any business partner. Reagan and her team will bring together all the different people, skills, and values within an organization to make something great together, thus unlocking the great potential of a company. The symmetrical design implies that Solvere HR is here to keep your business balanced and successful for years to come.

To us, the new design feels authentic and original, and it still leaves a lasting impact on Solvere’s clients and potential customers. The fonts are clean and the overall design feels unrestrained. We feel it’s exactly the kind of logo that every business needs to succeed. It’s the right logo design for Solvere HR’s branding.

Website Design

Our work as a brand agency in Denver was not finished just yet. As our partnership with Solvere HR has continued, we have worked to redesign their company website. Whether you like it or not, your website is part of your brand, and new branding will almost always call for a new website design as well.

Old website design of Solvere HR, before being updated by our brand agency in Denver.
The original homepage design for Solvere HR.

The original site for Solvere HR was cute and charming, but we felt that it lacked key elements for an effective site design. From responsive features and an intuitive site structure to optimized content pieces and a mobile-friendly design, our web developers had their work cut out for themselves.

At the end of the day, our main goal was always to develop a customized website design that drives conversions for our client. Our website design team put in the hours to turn that dream into a reality. We’re very proud of the redesigned website that we developed for Solvere HR and we’re very excited to see where it goes next. Explore Solvere HR’s new website to see its updated layout and new features.

Redesigned client website courtesy of our brand agency in Denver.
The redesigned homepage of the new Solvere HR website.


As we developed this custom site, our SEO specialists leveraged their search engine expertise to benefit Solvere HR. We conducted intensive research into their target audience and identified the best keywords to optimize the company site for search engines. With well-written content across the site, we’re positive that Solvere HR’s new site will be effectively positioned for success.

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