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Selling Apparel Through Effective SEO Marketing In Denver

We are very excited to announce the addition of another client to our agency’s expanding portfolio. FiG has recently started up a partnership with Out of the Blue, a Denver-based commercial custom screen printing shop. This local business specializes in creating customized apparel and promotional products for B2B and B2C purposes. Our partnership began because the folks at Out of the Blue were interested in updating their digital marketing efforts to increase their inbound lead generation. As leading providers of SEO marketing in Denver, our team at FiG were more than happy to offer our digital services to improve the bottom line of Out of the Blue.

Initial Website Design

We kicked off our partnership with Out of the Blue (OTB) by first redesigning their company website. While the original OTB site was generating occasional leads, we knew that there were many design aspects that could be improved upon. For instance, the user interface felt static and, at times, difficult to use. We also found that the menu wasn’t concentrated in one area of the site, making it slightly challenging to navigate between pages. And we knew that the site content wasn’t effectively communicating the value of OTB as well as it could be.

Our website designers were eager to get to work and we jumped into our iterative website-design process quickly. At FiG, we focused on creating the ideal user experience by streamlining the site design and emphasizing smoother site navigation. To take the new site design even further, we implemented:

  • Vibrant and colorful imagery to effectively showcase the products and services of OTB.
  • A robust sitemap with new informative pages to effectively showcase their work.
  • Social media integration to keep visitors engaged and to showcase the company products.
  • Clear and consistent branding across the entire site for a more professional aesthetic.
  • Well written site content that effectively communicates their competitive advantages to site visitors.
The Out of the Blue final website design, seo marketing in Denver.
The redesigned website design for Out of the Blue, courtesy of FiG Advertising + Marketing.

The redesigned website for Out of the Blue launched in late March of 2020. The successful results that we’ve seen thus far then have been the direct result of our SEO marketing strategies.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Marketing

Before we launch any client website, our digital marketers make sure we have rewritten and optimized every part of the client’s site to the identified keywords. A solid foundation of SEO is an absolute necessity for any kind of successful SEO marketing in Denver.

At FiG, our SEO specialists performed in-depth keyword research to first pinpoint the most relevant local keywords for the OTB website. As part of our research, our marketers analyzed the sites of local competitors to develop a list of well-targeted keywords. From there, we narrowed down the selection of key phrases and implemented those final local keywords throughout the OTB website.

We additionally conducted many other SEO-related tasks to give the new OTB website the best possible starting position. These activities included minimizing page load times, emphasizing a mobile-friendly site design, re-optimizing old blogs, implementing alt tags, creating unique meta descriptions, and much more.

We’re very proud to report that our SEO efforts generated great results in a short span of time for Out of the Blue. When we compare the fourth month since site launch to the month right before the website was completed, we’ve seen:

seo marketing denver
A snapshot of our initial results for Out of the Blue.
  • An increase in organic site traffic of approximately 21%.
  • And a conversion rate of organic search traffic into leads of over 14%.

To top everything off, the Out of the Blue website has seen terrific improvements for a number of local search terms. In fact, thanks to our site re-optimization and our blogging efforts, OTB now ranks on the first page of search results for approximately 20 local queries.

Ongoing SEO And Additional Marketing Activities

As our partnership has further developed, we’ve continued to improve the OTB search engine rankings by publishing monthly blog content. In recent months, our strategic efforts have expanded to other marketing mediums as well.

FiG has developed and executed effective pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns to drive more leads to the OTB website. Our ads have been strategically implemented to target relevant keywords and phrases that focus on apparel and screen printing.

Our team has additionally led the charge on social media marketing campaigns and email marketing campaigns too. We have continued to rework and adjust our marketing efforts each month to continuously re-optimize our results. We know that our partnership is far from over and that we still have plenty to accomplish for Out of the Blue.

Stay tuned for more updates on our ongoing partnership!

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