Tuesday, 22 September 2020 09:31

Denver Digital Marketing Firm Gives Local Realtors A Boost

Everyone on our marketing team at FiG is pleased to announce the addition of another client to our portfolio: Grant Muller of Spaces Real Estate. Grant is a highly experienced residential real estate agent, and one of the founders and owners of Spaces Real Estate. Grant and his team of realtors work diligently to help families sell and purchase homes in the Boulder and Denver areas. For numerous years, upwards of 98% of the homes bought and sold through Grant came from referrals. Grant wanted to expand his marketing efforts to bring in new clients through other mediums. As a top Denver digital marketing firm, FiG was more than happy to implement new strategies to acquire high-quality leads for his business.

Our partnership with Grant Muller originally started up in the fall of 2019. Since then, we’ve accomplished many of our initial goals, but we know that we can still achieve a great deal for Grant and his real estate team.

Website Re-Optimization

As a highly experienced real estate agent, Grant has always understood the importance of digital technology in the real estate industry, especially in the highly competitive real estate markets of Denver and Boulder. In fact, Grant has been leveraging email marketing tactics, customized video tours, and other tech solutions to benefit his clients for numerous years. However, Grant knew he could be receiving more qualified leads through his current website. Naturally, our first responsibility was a floor-to-ceiling re-optimization of his website.

Our digital marketers performed an in-depth audit of the entire site to pinpoint all of the existing issues with on-page and off-page SEO ranking factors. From there, we conducted intensive keyword research on other Denver and Boulder real estate agencies to identify the most appropriate keywords for Grant’s site. Once the problem areas were discovered and corrected, and the keywords were selected, we were ready to rework the site content.

The content writers at our Denver digital marketing firm quickly started drafting new content for the main pages of the Grant Muller website. Thanks to our collaborative and iterative writing process, we made sure that the new content matched Grant’s aesthetic and that the content aligned with his brand identity to the “t.” But, we didn’t stop there.

Our SEO specialists noticed that many of the articles on Grant’s blog were not targeting the relevant real estate keywords. To further improve his search engine rankings, we have taken the time to rewrite and retarget all of his published blog content.

With refreshed content and a re-optimized website, we had set up Grant’s site for great SEO success.

Ongoing Search Engine Marketing

After completing the initial phase of our partnership, FiG has been providing ongoing SEO services for Grant and his agency. Our marketers have been developing monthly blog content to build upon the momentum of the site re-optimization. By leveraging strategic keywords and original well-written content, we’ve been working hard to improve his search engine rankings.

To complement these articles, our marketers have continued to expand the content on Grant’s site as needed, with routine SEO maintenance and enhancement efforts. In addition, our marketers have worked with Grant and his team to develop paid ads (both display and search) to complement our SEO services.

Additional Services

To top off our work with Grant, we have been supporting his agency through supplemental social media content based on the blogs we’ve created. We’ve aimed to maximize the impact of our monthly blog content by repurposing those articles into short social videos. These highly informative and quick videos have been able to bring in new site visitors through organic means.

As our partnership continues to develop, we will work to continuously improve the performance of Grant’s website. Our marketers have implemented a number of tools on the site, such as heat-mapping and session recording software. These resources will help us track consumer experiences and pinpoint ways to encourage more conversions from site visitors.

We’re very excited to see how all of our marketing efforts for Grant Muller pay off in the near future. And while the first year of our strategic partnership has ended, we’re very pleased to report that our partnership has been renewed! Our work with Grant and his agency has only just begun, so stay tuned for future updates on our progress.

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