Tuesday, 24 March 2015 05:18

New Client: CoorsTek Polymers

If you know anything about our client history, you're likely aware that we've been working with CoorsTek for years to brand and market some of their sister companies,

Such as: CoorsTek Medical, Ceramatec, and others. We're proud to announce our latest project with the Coors family of brands: CoorsTek Polymers.

Recently CoorsTek acquired the well-known polymers technology development company Outlast (headquartered in Golden, CO), and is now working to merge it with their own long-standing polymer products division out of El Segundo, CA to create this new CoorsTek division – CoorsTek Polymers.

FiG is currently working with Outlast and CoorsTek El Segundo to strategize, design and develop a new website for the CoorsTek Polymers brand. We are excited to be a part of this latest endeavor and can't wait to announce the launch of this newly branded website sometime this summer. Stay tuned to our newsletter and blog for the announcement!