Monday, 11 July 2011 02:42

FiG Advertising and Marketing Announces New Client: Premier Data System

We are really happy to announce FiG's latest client: Premier Data System, Inc (PDSI), a business software solution expert that helps organizations (particularly alarm system companies) introduce automation and powerful data management into their business processes.

Their current website was left unfinished by another developer and FiG has been brought in to restart and finish the project. The goal of this project is to develop a website to both inform a user on PDSI's product line and to encourage entrance into the sales pipeline. To accomplish the goal, FiG will work with PDSI to design a user friendly interface, develop a website with e-commerce functionality, and to implement an effective SEO strategy.

Website User Interface Design & Development: As a B2B company, PDSI needs an intuitive and professional user interface more than just cool design and technology. A simple, interactive, professional, and visually appealing interface requires a high level of design strategy to keep the site and content consistent and conversational but more importantly to reduce the prospect's barriers to entry into the sales channel. Based on years of experience in user interface development, the team at FiG has created its own unique process to design customized interface that meets every client's need. Check out a recent example of FiG's website design and interface improvement.

Website & E-Commerce Development: After the user interface design, FiG will help PDSI create a user-friendly and service-centered e-commerce website with well-organized product database, which will dynamically feed the product catalog. The site will be completed in a CMS (Content Management System) to allow for powerful functionality and easy updates as the client expands their product offerings.

SEO Implementation: A well-designed and perfectly functional website is only half the project. The second half of the project requires an effective SEO strategy to enable organic and relevant traffic to PDSI's website. The process of SEO Implementation starts with a thorough keyword analysis to identify the core business and target audience. With this analysis FiG will be able to develop and implement a powerful SEO strategy to maximize results. For an example of FiG's SEO experience check out this case study.