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SEO Agency in Denver Helps Landscaping Company Grow to New Heights

How We’re Elevating Local Businesses as an SEO Agency in Denver

At Real FiG Advertising + Marketing, we like to think of ourselves as your external marketing department because we are dedicated to helping businesses maximize their potential. We are proud to announce the addition of another local landscaping business to our diverse client portfolio. Enviroscapes has sought out the expertise of our SEO agency in Denver to help them boost their visibility and reach.

We were eager to get started with Enviroscapes and help grow the organic side of their business through targeted SEO strategies.

Introducing Enviroscapes

Enviroscapes is a full-service landscaping contractor based in Denver that designs and installs dazzling custom landscaping on luxury homes and properties. Unlike other landscaping professionals that apply the same design to each property, Enviroscapes knows that the devil is in the details and their expert team works hand in hand with homeowners to build their favorite place in Colorado from scratch, right in their own backyard. They provide whole-yard landscaping services that are customized and personalized in every conceivable way.

At Enviroscapes, their landscaping capabilities include:

  • Hardscaping (e.g., pools, retaining walls, permanent features, etc.)
  • Softscaping (i.e., plants and greenery) with the assistance of Native Plant Specialists
  • Custom features (e.g., water features, outdoor kitchens, in-ground trampolines, etc.)
  • Water management (e.g., irrigation, drainage, etc.)
  • Landscape construction


That's only a taste of what they can do. At Enviroscapes, their team believes in "true design," which means there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Their landscape architect takes every aspect of a property into account when designing a project. They account for things like sightlines and where the sun will fall, so that each client gets effective landscaping that fits seamlessly into their property.

Planting Enviroscapes in the Digital Landscape of Denver with SEO Services

Ever since our partnership started with Enviroscapes this year, our main goals have been to revitalize their digital marketing strategy and improve their SEO in Denver. The bulk of their business has historically come from word-of-mouth advertising and the client realized they needed greater visibility online. As such, we needed to create a campaign that would not only get Enviroscapes noticed by potential customers but also build brand loyalty and awareness in the long term.

To kick off our partnership, our team is optimizing the content on the website for SEO purposes to improve our client’s organic search engine rankings. This has included many content updates on a redesigned website, including both front-end and back-end optimizations. Once the initial SEO foundation is fully established, our team will then create a comprehensive content marketing strategy that will improve upon our SEO momentum and meet customer needs as they navigate the sales pipeline. This strategy will include marketing collateral such as blog posts, social media posts, and monthly newsletters to help promote Enviroscapes’ services and encourage customer loyalty. We'll also utilize local SEO tactics to ensure that when people search for phrases like “landscaping services in Denver,” our client is at the top of the list.

The combination of content marketing and SEO services will allow us to drive successful results for the company. With our continued targeted efforts, we will collaboratively work towards increasing website visitors and improving our organic search engine rankings. This will help Enviroscapes gain more customers, build brand loyalty, and grow their business within the Denver area.

We look forward to continuing our work with Enviroscapes and helping them succeed in the digital space. And we’ll keep our readers updated, so stay tuned for future case studies!

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