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Denver Branding Firm Vaults Gymnastics School to the Next Level

How Our Branding Firm in Denver is Optimizing This Business Identity

Due to the rise of social media and advanced digital marketing strategies, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for businesses to stand out from the crowd. Branding has become more important than ever before, and a well-crafted and consistent brand identity can help businesses establish a strong presence, attract loyal customers, and differentiate themselves in their market. As a leading Denver branding firm, we are very excited to be adding another gymnastics school to our client roster. Gymnastics of San Antonio has partnered with Real FiG Advertising + Marketing to assess and advise on their brand identity, and to improve their ongoing marketing operations.

Get to Know Gymnastics of San Antonio

Gymnastics of San Antonio (GOSA) is the ultimate school for aspiring gymnasts, where inclusivity and success principles are woven into every aspect of their curriculum. Based in San Antonio, this gymnastics school offers a wide range of programs that are tailored to children of all ages, ensuring they are appropriately challenged based on their skill level. With every new skill acquired, student-athletes can blossom and flourish, growing not only physically, but emotionally and socially.

GOSA sets itself apart from other facilities in San Antonio by emphasizing recreational gymnastics in conjunction with competitive activities. Other facilities prioritize competitive programs, which puts enormous pressure on customers to have their children join specific teams and compete. The staff at GOSA understands the importance of providing a fun and supportive environment for gymnastics enthusiasts of all skill levels. By offering a range of recreational classes, they ensure that everyone, regardless of their aspirations, can enjoy the emotional and health benefits of gymnastics training.

Serving student-athletes from 18 months to 18 years of age and beyond, participants can engage in classes and programs that emphasize tumbling, trampoline activities, acrobatics, cheer, and more. Our partnership with GOSA started because the owner felt the business had lost alignment with their original vision and goals, and they wanted to revitalize the business. The team at our Denver branding firm was eager to get started and uncover how to best optimize the GOSA brand.

A Comprehensive Brand Audit

To provide the most valuable insights on GOSA's brand identity and positioning, our team kicked off the partnership with a comprehensive brand audit that explored many facets of the company and their marketing. We analyzed the overall visual identity of GOSA throughout their entire existence, including their logo, color schemes, typography, past marketing materials, social media content, and overall visual identity. This audit helped us identify areas where their visual elements are out of step with their values and personality, and where things could be enhanced to create a stronger and more cohesive brand.

From there, our team conducted another audit, this time focused on the organization’s use of the written word to evaluate their tone, messaging, communication styles, and many other language elements. By diving deep into their website, social media content, and marketing materials, we pinpointed consistencies and inconsistencies within their brand identity, and determined opportunities to refine and improve the brand from a language perspective.

To wrap up our brand exploratory and audit processes, we conducted a competitor analysis and hosted a series of internal conversations and surveys with key stakeholders within Gymnastics of San Antonio. These steps helped our team understand the competitive landscape of San Antonio in a more granular light and allowed us to identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and external threats of GOSA.

With a well-rounded understanding of GOSA’s current brand identity, our branding firm in Denver made informed suggestions and recommendations to improve GOSA's branding and develop a clearer brand persona across their digital channels. These suggested enhancements will likely greatly assist the organization for years to come and will come in handy during the next phase of our marketing partnership.

Bouncing into a Strategic Search Engine Marketing

The next stage of our partnership involves the implementation of a diverse range of search engine marketing strategies to drive more program registrations and contacts to Gymnastics of San Antonio. To kick things off, the FiG team will conduct a top-to-bottom optimization of the existing website and revamp all the content in alignment with the recommendations of our language audit. By conducting a thorough analysis of the existing website content and identifying areas that can be improved, we will implement strategic SEO techniques to optimize the visibility and average rankings of GOSA in organic search engine results.

In addition to optimizing current content, the FiG team will implement strategies for continuous content creation and expansion on the website. By consistently creating and publishing high-quality, original, and relevant content, we can gradually improve and optimize GOSA’s organic rankings for specific keywords that their target audience is searching for. This will enhance the website's visibility and establish GOSA as a respected authority in the local industry.

The best marketing campaigns will emphasize multiple avenues, which is why the branding firm in Denver will implement a series of paid search campaigns to drive immediate contacts and conversions. By leveraging targeted advertising via search engines, we will be able to reach our target audiences at the right time and place and drive relevant traffic to the client’s website. Our team will be conducting thorough keyword research and creating compelling ad copy to maximize the effectiveness of these campaigns. Through continuous monitoring and fine-tuning, we will ensure that the paid search campaigns deliver positive, measurable results and contribute to the overarching marketing objectives.

Stay tuned for more results in a future case study!

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