Wednesday, 25 January 2012 06:00

What Can SEO Improve For You-2 Year In Case Study

If you don't remember, a year ago we did a case study on our work for Ceramatec Inc.  The excellent performance of their new website and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has extended their selection of FiG as their Denver SEO company of choice for another year. Recently we revisited the project, and found the results have continued to improve even over the previous year's tremendous results!


  • Keep growing the website traffic in 2011

  • Maintain the content quality-reflect in pageviews

Service Solution:

  • 12 month SEO Effort

  • Improve Site Functionality

SEO Results:

SEO efforts resulted in continually increasing traffic.

Traffic Sources

Annual Growth Rate

All Traffic


New Visitors


Returning Visitors


More specifically:

  • Google traffic increased 31.11%

  • Bing traffic increased 27.90%

  • Yahoo traffic increased 6.73%

  • Direct traffic increased 8.78%

Good content contributed to over 10% growth in pageviews in 2011:


Annual Growth Rate



Unique Page views


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