Wednesday, 26 September 2012 03:50

Ad of the Month – GE Gets Nostalgic With Buzzfeed

Ever wonder what your favorite website would have looked like if we had this technology in say, the 40's? Well, in our September ad of the month GE and Buzzfeed have teamed up to bring you just that. A recent partnership between GE and Buzzfeed has lead to the creation of an online time machine.

With a “Buzzfeed Time Machine” as a functional header (powered by GE, of course), you can choose any decade from the 1920's through 2000's and see the site immediately re-skinned to reflect the decade.

20's flappers? Yup. 60's tie-dye? It has it all. Each decade “skin” also has a customized GE ad hitting breakthroughs such as electric fans, sports flood lights and the ability to tune in to an individual radio station.

An example of the 80's-style buzzfeed website, a collaborative advertising campaign with GE.

The time machine also works in Buzzfeed's favor. Since the sites content is all about the list and being share worthy, the time machine has allowed them to create such content specific to each decade. A personal favorite is the stories of the 90's such as “How to prepare yourself for a Y2K Disaster” and a “Beanie Babies Investor Guide”. If only we had these back then..

GE and Buzzfeed are using nostalgia to appeal to customers, and it's working on us. No matter your age or interests, there is something here for everyone, sparking memories left and right, with a little humor.

While using nostalgia is an old tactic and they aren't the only ones to use it recently, GE and Buzzfeed definitely hit the mark this time. Check it out for yourself here.

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