Tuesday, 10 April 2012 07:25

Ads that stick EVEN after April Fools

It's been more than a week since April Fools and usually, the jokes end on April 2 at 12:01 a.m. But! We are still loving some of the ads that BMW UK, Honda, Microsoft, and Lynx (aka Axe) created.

april fools BMW ad

Honda April Fools Ad

Oh, those darn car thieves! They need to be stopped and Honda has created the perfect way to do so. The Anti-Theft Negotiator, Terii (not Siri), helps keep your car safe by talking the thief out of stealing your car. You can now feel safe parking your car anywhere!

Assassin's Creed April Fools Ad

Want to become an assassin? Now you can train to be one with Microsoft Kinect. It takes you through the how-to's of fighting, jumping off of buildings, and yes, even a round-house kick.

Axe April Fools Ad

Need some lovin' and you don't have your Axe body spray anywhere near? You don't have access to your Axe body wash and a shower? No worries! Just use Lynx on your cell phone – spray-on-the-go.