Wednesday, 26 April 2017 07:40

April Fools' Day Ad Hoaxes

Advertising doesn't have to be serious. In fact, every year April Fools' Day ad hoaxes allow advertisers the opportunity to have a bit of fun with their brand. This April Fools' day, marketers couldn’t resist being goofy, deceptive, and downright hilarious in order to showcase their brands. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite April Fools' ads from this year.

Best April Fools' Day Ad Hoaxes

Google Play

We humans love our games and apps, but what about entertainment for our furry friends? Introducing Google Play for Pets, an answer to the question of, “What does my dog/cat/turtle really do when I’m not home?” This hilarious ad features apps catered specifically towards pets, complete with their own special section on the Google Play store.


If you want all the taste of a Big Mac without the big size, McDonald’s Micro Mac is the burger for you. The advertisement begins like a typical Mickey D’s ad, with a close-up shot of the juicy burger with melted cheese nestled inside the classic sesame seed bun. But once the camera zooms out, it’s clear this burger is no regular Big Mac.


Lexus’ Lane Valet ad pokes fun at one of our biggest commuting annoyances: Left-lane stragglers. With the simple touch of a button, those slow-driving left-lane hogs are transported out of your way, so you can continue living life in the fast lane.

Tough Mudder

In the running for one of the most entertaining and adorable April Fools' ads of 2017, Tough Mudder’s “Puppy Mudder” ad makes us almost want to participate in a Tough Mudder. Almost. The ad showcases the extreme obstacles featured on the course, but with puppies.

USA Swimming

The new fragrance of the U.S. swim team is here, complete with blood, sweat, and bleach. Eau de Chlôrine aims to encapsulate the smell of poolside success, and we must say, it’s pretty convincing. “We worked with our fragrance scientists to capture the smell of success, which is a little different for everyone,” says Matt Farrell, chief innovation officer for USA Swimming. “For us, Eau de Chlôrine embodies that indescribable feeling you get when you dive into the pool for the first time.” A similarly comical website accompanies the ad, making this one of the year’s best April Fools' ad campaigns.

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