Monday, 29 August 2016 09:01

New Client Announcement: Ageless Keepsakes

The FiG Team is jazzed to announce a new client! We are working with floral preservation company, Ageless Keepsakes. They are committed to turning special occasions into cherished memories you can hold onto for generations with preserved wedding bouquets, military shadow boxes, flower petal jewelry, and new baby keepsake displays.

Who is Ageless Keepsakes

Ageless Keepsakes was founded by Kate Sikorska-Jackson and Alice Jackson—a daughter-in-law and mother-in-law. Both Kate and Alice share a great passion for floral preservation. Kate was born in Poland where she earned a Master’s Degree in Meteorology. However, soon after starting a job in meteorology, she decided to follow her passion and work with flowers. Alice worked as a floral designer of both live and silk flowers. Through their common love of flowers, Kate and Alice decided to build a company with the mission of preserving memories.

What Ageless Keepsakes Does

Customers can reserve Ageless Keepsakes’ preservation services ahead of their event, (such as a wedding, baby shower, anniversary, etc.) or they can contact Ageless Keepsakes after the special event. They say for best results, the flowers should be shipped or dropped off to their studio within five days of the event. The floral preservation is done through a process of freeze-drying the flower stems, and the prices vary with the number of flowers. The type of display case and the level of rehabilitation for the flowers also factors into the final price of the keepsake.

What is Freeze-Drying

Freeze-drying removes the water from the flower and is performed by a special vacuum machine that is set at extremely low temperatures which prevent the flowers from losing their shape and size. After the freeze drying process, Kate and Alice paint the flowers with special dyes and other treatments to make the flowers look as beautiful and vibrant as the original day of the event.

Why They Came To FiG

Ageless Keepsakes came to FIG for an e-commerce website and SEO marketing implementation. A strategic design of their website will promote usability and enable a seamless shopping experience while search engine optimization will make their site more relevant in Google search. Implementing these tools will make Ageless Keepsakes more competitive online and differentiate them from other floral preservationists.

Ageless Keepsakes is a unique company. The FiG Production and Marketing Team is excited to see how SEO marketing and a newly designed website changes their business.

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