Thursday, 27 June 2013 10:04

Amazing Moves Year 3 Recap

In 2011, as you may recall, FiG launched a new brand and website for Amazing Moves Moving and Storage. Since the launch, FiG has continued to work with Amazing Moves through a search engine optimization, or SEO retainer.

Next month marks the completion of the third year on retainer and we have seen a lot of improvement and success in the past year.


After launching their new website, it was very important for Amazing Moves to increase the visibility of their site within search engines and FiG helped them do this through continued SEO work over the past few years.  Since the nature of the internet is always changing, it is important for SEO to be an ongoing effort and Amazing Moves has seen some great results because of this.


A year over year comparison of traffic from March through June shows us some of these results:

  • Overall traffic and visits to the site have doubled

  • Non-branded organic traffic is up 15.46%

  • Year over year form completions increased by 6.82% and, including both form completions and phone calls generated by organic search traffic, the total conversion rate was 22.86

  • As for social media, Facebook grew by 48.3%, almost doubling 'Likes' from the previous year, while Twitter followers grew by 71%

The trends also show an overall increase in mobile views of the site this year, doubling that of the previous year.  With this in mind, a next step would be to make the Amazing Moves site mobile friendly either by responsive web design or a separate mobile site.

Overall, FiG is very pleased with the success of the Amazing Moves website over the past few years and we hope it continues as we look to the coming year and the company's busy summer season.

If your website needs a refresh or Search Engine Optimization help, contact FiG to see what we can do for you!