Tuesday, 08 May 2012 07:30

Rebranding - Reimbursement Principles Inc. - New Brand & Website Launch

Reimbursement Principles Inc. (RPI) has been a great client for the past three years! What started with a need for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) expertise, eventually earned FiG a complete rebranding project with RPI.

The RPI rebranding involved market research, a corporate identity refresh, website redesign, collateral materials and other marketing support to reflect what their current customers think, feel, and believe into their new brand. We are extremely excited to share our results!

Before we reveal the new brand, let's take a look at RPI before:

The origianl RPI branded website.

Being in the medical device reimbursement industry since 1997, RPI is recognized by its current customers as a knowledgeable market leader with an in-depth understanding of the industry and a tack record of success. However, the brand at that time didn't reflect the company's professionalism and their website was not user-friendly for both new visitors and existing clients.

Realizing that the brand did not accurately reflect the company's expertise, RPI came to FiG for a solution to reinvent the brand and redesign the website.

FiG Approach: A brand is defined by your customers, not you.

The newly branded RPI website.

Before making any changes, our FiG team conducted a brand audit and took customer surveys. FiG surveyed client opinions of the company, the product and services that they received, and overall experience when working together. The audit and surveys revealed a very positive brand preference with current clients, yet a low brand awareness in the medical reimbursement industry. Though very satisfied by the results of the services, customers were more impressed by the friendly RPI team. The high loyalty and repete business rate suggested the strong emotional bond between RPI's brand and its customers.

Our design team translated the emotional connection into relevant images with a cohesive design on RPI's website. We also focused on easy site navigation with user-friendly information displays. RPI's successful track record and expertise now speak for themselves in their new website and brand.

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