Wednesday, 25 April 2012 07:35

Sharing A Coke

Coca-Cola has been bringing us together one soda at time since 1944. Their advertisements have been funny, emotional, and inspiring. Yet, sleek and innovative aren't necessarily the first words to come to mind when thinking about the Coca-Cola brand. Well, apparently their marketers think differently and this time they have caught us all off guard with Sharing a Coke!

Coca-Cola's ad company contracted a young graphic design student, Jonathan Mak Long, to create a print ad that represented “Sharing a Coke.”  This minimalistic print is what he came up with and is exactly what we all needed from Coke.  Something simple yet brilliant.  Here, he showcases that not all advertisements need to be crazy or over-the-top. Thank you and well done Mr. Mak.

*Advertisement and information from: Ogilvy & Mather China