Thursday, 18 October 2012 10:45

Ad of the Month - Monsters University

Business, Science, Engineering, Liberal Arts, Scaring...

Yes, you read that correctly, scaring. At MU, or Monsters University, there are 5 schools and a variety of majors to choose from including Door Technology, Canister Design and Scream Energy. It's a place committed to discovery and learning and it's not real, but it's website sure is.

Pixar has a new movie in the works, Monsters University, a prequel to Monsters, Inc., which takes us back with main characters Sully and Mike to their good old college years. Attending Monsters University, they are studying and planning to become scarers at Monsters, Inc. In correlation with the film, the animation studio created a full fledged website for the university, complete with all the information one would look for including admissions, academics, campus life and even a functional store for all your campus gear needs.

So why does this work? The MU website is a strong example of the media funnel so many companies are going for. For many companies, the first thought would be social media and what an ad campaign would look like through those channels. Pixar didn't rule social media out, creating 4 variations of the trailer with Mike sleep talking a different line in each, displaying them on a Monsters University Facebook page with the ability to share your favorite one. The website just lets them take it one step further. Its something different, its interactive, it makes the movie come to life. It looks good and for a made up university, it contains a whole lot of details and information for people to read through.

The movie is due to release June 21, 2013, so we have plenty of time to learn all the ins and outs of the university. Don't forget to get your gear!

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