Thursday, 29 November 2012 08:29

New Client Announcement - Blubird Ski Company

FiG is excited to announce our new relationship with Blubird Ski Company!

The Company:

Blubird Ski Company is based out of Golden, Colorado, where they are building high quality skis for the adventure and back country minded skier. Their skis will be lighter and stronger than many of the skis out today because of their engineering and simulating capabilities. Blubird's innovative way of building their skis will allow skiers to go farther distances and push harder on their skis, extending the boundaries of where snow travel and adventure is at today.  nnovation and reliability is the driving force, with every dimension on the ski there for a specific reason and not just thrown together to look pretty.  Blubird will be building a number of different models to appeal to a variety of different "styles" of skier.

The Project:

Blubird reached out to FiG to help define their brand.  Understanding the customer and what makes Blubird Ski Company stand out from their competitors is the first step to developing a clear message and brand position. FiG will help create a strong brand identity through the design of a distinct and recognizable mark, along with a tagline and cohesive identity throughout collateral elements including a business card and promotional sticker.

No matter how big or small your branding needs may be, FiG can help get you noticed. Contact us to find out how.