Tuesday, 28 October 2014 07:32

Case Study: CoorsTek Medical

If you’re a Colorado native, you’re likely familiar with the Coors family, and thusly CoorsTek — the Golden, CO based ceramics and advanced-materials company that develops products for the defense, energy, and health care industries.

Recently, CoorsTek acquired well-known medical implant/device company IMDS and merged it with their existing sister company C5 Medical Werks. In combining these two brands, and with the backing of CoorsTek, they have created the all new company: CoorsTek Medical — an advanced materials engineering and manufacturing solutions company poised to take the medical device and implant industry by storm.

We at FiG are proud to announce our part in helping to form the CoorsTek Medical brand by way of developing their new marketing materials and helping to launch the brand itself via their new website.

We took part in adopting the ‘Medical’ into the pre-existing CoorsTek logo, and in-turn created CoorsTek Medical’s initial marketing collateral, such as business cards, letterhead, email signatures, and more.

coorstek medical business card
coorstek medical stationary

We designed multiple documents (such as info graphic inspired case studies) in preparation for the new brand launch. We created many of these materials so that CoorsTek Medical’s capabilities would be beautifully illustrated, and said capabilities could be delivered effortlessly through their website.

coorstek medical case study

The biggest undertaking was the website itself. FiG collaborated with CoorsTek Medical for months to develop the perfect website to deliver their new brand to the world.

coorstek medical website

The new website has been live since October 1st, and we (and CoorsTek Medical) couldn’t be happier. The site has been producing some impressive traffic: boasting over 4 page views per visit, an average time on site of nearly 3 minutes, and an incredibly low bounce rate of only 23%.

coorstek medical webstats

We at FiG have have worked with other brands umbrella’d under the Coors family (such as CoorsTekCeramatec and Cutter Innovations), but we have never been more proud than to be a part of the great new brand that is CoorsTek Medical.

For more information on CoorsTek Medical, visit CoorsTekMedical.com or read the CoorsTek Medical article on the Denver Business Journal.

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