Tuesday, 24 February 2015 04:36

Case Study: Davidsons Liquors Email Marketing

We've been working with Davidsons Liquors for quite a while now.

Last year we developed and launched their all new website, which is doing extremely well compare to their old site. We've also been handling their social media, search engine marketing, media buying, and a plethora of other advertising & marketing endeavors.

February marks the first month we have taken over Davidsons' email marketing, and while we're only in the first month (and still have a lot of perfecting to do) we're already starting to see notable improvements in email interaction from customers. We started by completely overhauling their email template design to be appealing, clean, functional, branded, mobile responsive, and click/conversion focused.



With restructuring Davidsons' email template, we've also moved the email distribution program from Constant Constant to our proprietary email marketing software and automation program. We are currently using the system to collect contact information and other data from customers, track customer buying habits, and we are gearing up to go fully automated with targeted promotions using our system. For now though, in an effort to just start out by sending Davidsons' regular email campaigns with the new system, we're already starting to see improvements in basic customer interaction:

There is already around a 2% increase in open rates, and an averaged 1.2% increase in click-throughs. Also, the bounce rate has been reduced by half, and unsubscribe rates have dropped considerably (by 23%). All of these improvements may seem small (for now), but our ongoing goal will be to keep up this trend – increasing subscriber rates, open rates, and click through rates, and optimizing these campaigns to help drive sales.

With the new Davidsons website already kicking major butt compared to their old one, and with the combination of our new email marketing campaigns (soon to be even more automated and conversion focused), we know we're really going to help Davidsons dominate online sales!