Friday, 23 July 2010 09:23

Brand Identity. Does your business have it?

It seems that more and more business people are straying away from their companies to start their own businesses. I don't blame them, why not become your own boss and do things the way you want to? This idea, however, can be great in theory but if you don't have the right tools to execute a proper business plan it could be fatal.

Writing the business plan and getting loans from the bank are only the beginning steps to creating your own business. Often times, new business owners can overlook the importance of marketing. Now, when I say marketing I don't mean the TV commercial, the billboards, or radio ads that most people immediately think of. I am talking about the basics of a business: the brand, logo,stationary, the overall corporate or brand identity. Without corporate identity who is your business really? Corporate identity is the persona of your organization and will help in the achievement of your actual goals. Corporate identity really goes beyond the design and becomes a way for people to quickly discern who you are and what you do. It is the best way to familiarize your target market with what you do before you get to explain in further detail. Corporate identity acts as the "hook" in the business world, it attracts attentions from markets and brings them into your business.

FiG understands that as a small business it may be difficult to budget your finances and understand where to spend and when it is needed to spend. Here at FiG we have designed the package for you! Your company's marketing and corporate identity is not something to skimp on so we encourage you to check out our small business package to find the perfect fit for you and your organization. Our professionals here will design the perfect identity that will hit home with current and potential clients.

If you aren't exactly sure what your needs are don't hesitate to check out our portfolio with our previous work or contact us with questions or specific inquiries. We look forward to helping your company identify itself in the industry!