Wednesday, 20 March 2013 06:55

New Client: CRMCulture Video Ad

FiG is happy to announce our new relationship with CRMCulture!

The Client (CRMCulture):

If you've ever worked within a CRM, you may be familiar with the occasional wish for this feature or that feature, an easier way. Well, CRMCulture is working to do just that - make things easier. They work with customer relationship management (CRM) and business automation software, offering innovative solutions to your CRM woes. They make their clients CRMs easier to manage and in turn allow organizations to drive user adoption, greater customer service, higher profitability, and create a culture around CRM.

The Project:

CRMCulture came to FiG to promote their Productivity Pack, a product built to enhance the Pivotal CRM system. They were looking for an advertisement to serve multiple purposes which would best highlight the Productivity Pack and its vast array of features. FiG will create a video ad to showcase the creative and innovative enhancements the Productivity Pack offers and how it can assist clients to more efficiently manage their businesses.

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