Tuesday, 09 October 2012 10:10

New Client Announcement - SCS, inc - Strategic Marketing Plan

This month FiG is pleased to announce our new relationship with SCS.inc, as we assist in reaching out to new clients with a strategic marketing plan!

The Client:

SCS.inc is a full service commercial construction company with experience in all facets of the construction industry. Whether it is pre-construction, construction, or general contractor services you need, SCS.inc is your answer. President Shawn Squire has 24 years experience in new construction, renovation and tenant finish projects for businesses in a variety of industries. What makes SCS.inc different is their ability to care about their client and the project they are there to complete. They do it right the first time and take into consideration how the team's presence effects those around them as they work. With a superintendent assigned to every job, they make sure their work is top notch.

The Challenge:

The main challenge for SCS.inc is reaching new clients without the competition of the bidding process that can take time and not always yield a success. Looking for a new approach to reach potential clients, SCS came to FiG for a new marketing plan.

How FiG can help:

FiG will be developing a 12 month marketing plan for SCS.inc in order to reach new potential customers. We will begin with market research, learning about the audience SCS should be focusing on as well as the competitive landscape they work within. Once the audience has been defined, an appropriate message and brand position will be developed, determining the methods of distribution that will best reach the target audience, whether that be internet, radio, print or all of the above. Check back to see how this marketing plan is put into action!

Reaching the right audience with the right media can be crucial to the success of your marketing. If you need help developing an effective marketing plan, contact FiG to see how we can help!