Friday, 22 December 2017 01:00

Davidsons Centennial: Beer Wine & Spirits Closer To Home

In 2013, Davidsons Beer, Wine, and Spirits of Highlands Ranch came to us with the goal of understanding their relationship with their clients. We conducted in-depth market research to provide a better understanding of the Davidsons brand and business and to find any weak spots in the current strategy.

A Longstanding Partnership

Since then, FiG Advertising + Marketing has developed a complete marketing campaign that included web development, social media, email marketing, search engine marketing, and holiday specials. So when Davidsons had grown so large they needed to open another location, it was a no-brainer - FiG was there to help.

A New Frontier

The location's Facebook page chronicled everything from the building construction to getting their massive inventory of more than 13,000 products up on the shelves to the new team of expert staff members that would be running things in Centennial. All this led up to Mayor Cathy Noon and a number of other Centennial officials coming to the ribbon cutting ceremony for the new location.

The grand opening of the Centennial location of Davidsons Beer, Wine, and Spirits was earlier this month on December 5th and was a huge success. Rave reviews came in both on and offline from happy customers who were thrilled to find their favorite beverage selections closer to home.

Davidsons Centennial Takes Off

The Centennial location's website launched alongside the grand opening of the newest branch of Davidsons. Our content specialist worked to create unique and engaging content for the new site that would make it stand apart from the Davidsons Highlands Ranch location's.

This fully functioning e-commerce site has been thoroughly tagged and optimized to drive traffic to the new location – both physically and online. Since the site launch in early December, we've seen more than 200 sessions. This is incredible for a site that's only been live for a few short weeks and we couldn't be more excited about the success we are seeing.

wine bottles

Not only is the new site driving traffic successfully, we also see that users are spending more than three minutes on the pages of the Davidsons Centennial website. Typically, you have about 8 seconds to catch a user's attention and if you can't do so within that very limited time frame, they will leave. This increased session duration proves the effectiveness of the new site.

Success By The Bottle For Davidsons Centennial

Conversions have also started to come in with a number of online sales already being processed, further proving both the effectiveness of the site and the loyalty of the Davidsons customer base.

We are so excited to have taken on the project with our long-time partners at Davidsons and can't wait to follow the success of the newest location.


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