Friday, 21 June 2013 08:36

Live Photoshop Prank Is a Hit

You are minding your own business, waiting for the bus and you look over to see yourself on a bus stop billboard. A little freaked out? You would think so, but a few individuals in Sweden seem to find it much more entertaining.

In promotion of their Creative Days events, Adobe teamed up with Swedish Agency Abby Norm and Photoshop wiz Erik Johansson to create a "Street Retouch" stunt.

Hidden in a van close by, Johansson's accomplice photographer secretly snaps images of unknowing pedestrians at the bus stop as he works away on this computer. The best part comes as the individuals see themselves on the billboard, just feet away, and react with smiles, laughs and picture taking.

Unlike a few other prank advertisements we’ve seen that use fear or flight response to get their point across, this one takes a much more carefree approach, leading to a positive experience for all. It seems to even brightened one gentleman's day, as he goes from grumpy faced to full smile seeing himself morphed within the billboard. With the ‘victims’ less like victims in this scenario and more part of the project, this Photoshop prank is definitely a success, showing the potential of Adobe’s products with an innovative product demonstration.

Check out the stunt below!

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