Thursday, 21 February 2013 03:00

Ad of the Month: AHP Reaches Doctors Differently

For this ad of the month, Africa Health Placements, or AHP, knew they needed a clever and different way to approach doctors as they work to recruit them.

With eight medical schools in Africa and about 1,200 graduates a year, there are still 35% of posts in public health that are vacant due to half of the graduates leaving or working in the private sector. Given the challenge, the organization teamed with South African agency Boomtown to come up with something quite clever indeed. They mailed small packages to doctors containing a radio ad, but not just any radio ad. A pressure activated device was used so that when triggered, it played a recording at a low frequency that was only audible through a stethoscope. Check out the video below.

AHP’s multimedia approach is innovative and takes what could have been a simple mailer to a new level. The organization is able to reach their target audience and engage them, prompting the use of a personal and common instrument in their daily lives. It may take more than an cool ad to get doctors to Africa, but it definitely gets one thinking. Compliments to Africa Health Placements and Boomtown on a well executed campaign.

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