Tuesday, 17 January 2012 02:16

2011 Ad of the Year

In case you didn't know, FiG dedicates a monthly blog for the best and most creative ad that has caught our attention. With 2011 in the rear-view, we look back at each “Ad of the Month” to determine who shall be crowned our 2011 Ad of the Year. Despite having so many excellent choices, only one could be given such illustrious honors. This year FiG has decided to stay local with Goodwill Denver and their “Goodwill Effect” advertising campaign.

A typical thrift-store generates a common image from most patrons: standard and mundane. Goodwill Denver was looking to challenge the traditional thinking surrounding most thrift-stores with the use of some creative advertising. Their billboard ads in particular do a great job of encouraging people to “Donate when life changes.” Many people perceive a thrift-store as offering second-hand products with second-rate quality, but Goodwill Denver wants to change your perception on the latter.

Goodwill Denver didn't get those action figures because there was something wrong with them; but because he got a girlfriend. They didn't get those nice china plates because they were cracked or scratched, but because he didn't want to be reminded of her every time he looked at them. She didn't donate those jeans because they were out of style, but because she didn't fit into them any more.

Each of these ads does an excellent job of not only providing a new reason to donate, but also painting a positive picture about why these products were donated in the first place. Goodwill Denver wants to break away from the image that their products are of less quality while simultaneous looking to have everyday people donate the items they no longer need. This duel strategy hits both ends of their product life-cycle and provides for very efficient advertising.

Goodwill Denver is our 2011 Ad of the Year because these billboards get their message across in a simple, attractive, and effective way. As we look ahead to 2012, we are excited to see what new and creative advertising will stand out against the rest. We don't expect this to take very long with the Super Bowl just around the corner.

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