Friday, 27 April 2012 07:30

Brand Development - CourtSide Consulting - New Client Announcement

FiG Advertising and Marketing is pleased to work with CourtSide Consulting on a new brand development and identity project.

The Client

CourtSide Consulting specializes in transforming day-to-day HR responsibilities and management issues into exciting and influential learning experiences. Courtney Berg, owner and consultant, brings her extensive HR and operations background to clients with three core services: HR EasyLink, HR Systems Set Up, and Training and Consulting.

The Challenge

Experience, awareness, and trust are the most important factors in branding for HR consulting companies. How well a brand communicates the benefits that it offers, and how well the audience perceives the brand is a challenge that CourtSide recognizes as an important element in growing business. CourtSide's current brand has become synonymous with Courtney's personal expertise, and part of the impetus for the new brand mark is to increase the prominence of the company as a whole over her personal brand.

The Project

CourtSide Consulting has all the right tools to help businesses with their HR and management needs. The company's new identity should reflect the growing value of their growing brand and expertise. Our award winning FiG team believes a new logo design that promotes their professionalism and continued success will re-engage their existing clients and increase brand awareness to a wider audience.

Check back later to see the new brand, and Contact FiG if you need us to spice up your brand!