Friday, 01 March 2019 11:01

Denver Branding Agency Helps Client Bounce Past Competition

We are so excited to announce our new partnership with The Bounce Place, a business dedicated to creating safe, fun, and exciting indoor playgrounds for young children. The owners, Bruce and Michelle, had realized that larger trampoline parks and play areas were usually environments that prioritized the needs of larger, more active “big kid” audiences, which meant those trampoline parks were unsafe and frightening for younger ages.

This revelation spawned their new business, The Bounce Place, and the married couple approached FiG Advertising + Marketing, a Denver branding agency, for digital marketing guidance and brand management.

Denver Branding Agency Re-establishes Bounce Place Brand

When Bruce and Michelle first approached our agency, they had figured out the business side of their company, but they were having difficulty with their digital marketing strategy and brand management. By working collaboratively with this business, we began to lay the groundwork for a robust digital marketing strategy.

Logo Redesign

Included in the wide diversity of services of our Denver branding agency, we redesigned their logo to more accurately fit the services of their business. Ideal Bounce Place customers will be seeking out a birthday party location for their young child where they can be active, stimulated, and safe. Our expert graphic designer carefully crafted a bright and colorful logo that communicated these three essential components and fit appropriately with the business name.

Website Redesign

Due to the multiple Bounce Place locations, users could quickly become confused on the original website. FiG Advertising + Marketing took a step back and reassessed how to best place and word the Bounce Place services to optimize the user experience. We have redesigned the Bounce Place website to have the different locations as landing pages, making it easier to add additional locations in the future and reducing the confusion on the user’s end. While the new website streamlines important information more clearly for the end-users, we are utilizing Google Analytics and other tools to map user journeys and continuously improve the website with each iteration.

Search Engine Optimization

As a Denver branding agency, we understand how important search engine optimization (SEO) is to the overall success of a brand. As the website was redesigned, our digital marketing experts created informative, streamlined, and succinct website copy that is search engine optimized. This has helped The Bounce Place gain traction gradually on search engines. As this business has multiple locations in Colorado and California, we additionally optimized those landing pages for searches within those geographic regions.

We have continued to search engine optimize the rest of the site, mainly relying on continuous content creation posted on their blog. These content pieces have been based off collected search engine data on popular search queries of our target, thus helping our new business partner climb the search engine rankings.

Social Media Marketing

No brand is complete without an active social media presence. As another part of our marketing strategy, our Denver branding agency has been establishing The Bounce Place on relevant social media platforms, distributing our pieces of content alongside third party content to help engage with current and potential customers.

Bouncing Forward In Denver and California

As Bruce and Michelle have no intentions of slowing down, our digital marketing strategy can’t either. With a brand new logo, a redesigned website, a bounty of creative content, a strong SEO profile, and social media management, we feel confident in the future of The Bounce Place, but we can’t stop there. By optimizing for the user experience, we’ll be continuously improving our digital marketing approaches to drive further traffic to their website.

Looking for a Denver branding agency? Whether you’re a new company that hasn’t found the best name yet or an established brand that’s eager for a new look, FiG Advertising + Marketing can support you through traditional and digital marketing efforts. Contact us today for a consultation and see how we can help you grow.