Friday, 12 April 2019 09:26

Updating Real Estate Advertising Strategies For Chris Davis

FiG Advertising + Marketing is positively ecstatic to announce our new partnership with Chris Davis, a premier real estate agent in the Denver area. As the economic boom of Denver continues and the population of Colorado continues to expand daily, real estate advertising is more important than ever to local realtors and Chris Davis understood that. To improve the real estate marketing efforts of his business, Chris approached FiG and our collaborative partnership began.

Turning Real Estate Advertising Digital

Many of the properties that Davis’ business works with are high-priced luxury homes, so, naturally, Davis wants to talk to the luxury home buyers in Denver. In such a competitive climate, it’s imperative that the real estate advertising tactics reach these potential home buyers at the right time and place with the right messaging. We can accomplish this goal through detail-oriented digital marketing strategies. Here are a few of the services we’ve provided to Davis thus far.

Website Redesign

One of the top digital priorities was a thorough website redesign that not only optimized the structure for a positive user-experience but also for search engine rankings. Chris was very inspired by the digital marketing tactics HGTV real estate gurus had employed and wanted his website to emphasis visuals as much as possible. By working collaboratively with Chris, our talented website developers worked through iterations to create a more visually driven and animated website.

A screenshot of the original homepage for Chris Davis' website, before FiG updated his real estate advertising strategies.
The original homepage design for Chris Davis and his real estate team.

FiG customized the business website in a number of ways to fit the needs and wants of Davis and his future clients. For instance, Chris wanted the website to incorporate his social media campaigns into the site, but not in a traditional scrolling news feed. Instead, the social media posts are displayed on the homepage in a rotating carousel fashion.

Additionally, we wanted to streamline the process of identifying and viewing the specifics of properties in and around Denver’s most sought after neighborhoods. To alleviate this concern, FiG incorporated a multiple listing service (MLS) system into the business website so that the properties would live on his site and minimize hassle for users. See the newly customized homepage below.

Chris Davis' Compass website design, courtesy of FiG Advertising + Marketing.
The new and improved homepage for the upgraded website of Chris Davis, created by FiG Advertising + Marketing.

Content Marketing and Search Engine Optimization

While an effective website may be a terrific starting place for effective real estate advertising in the digital space, it won’t generate further business without ongoing search engine maintenance. FiG specializes in search engine optimization (SEO) services and we strategically employ content marketing to provide value to both human and bot readers.

To drive more leads to the newly launched website, FiG has been publishing content, like blog posts and property listing promotions, on the website and optimizing that content for search engines. We have optimized those listings for the local markets in the Denver metro area, which will make the listings easier to find for location-specific house hunters while also giving the relatively new site a competitive edge against major players in the real estate market, such as and Zillow. In addition, we have ensured that all of the content on the Davis website (e.g., neighborhood sections, services, success stories, etc.) has been optimized as well, to further extend the reach of this local Denver business.

FiG will continue to develop and publish search engine optimized blogs and other unique and valuable content for potential clients of Chris Davis.

Effective Digital Marketing For Real Estate Advertising

We are very proud of our work with Chris Davis thus far and are looking forward to our continued efforts to grow his local business. Real estate advertising tactics need to be effective, innovative, and results-oriented. With our forward-thinking digital marketing strategies, we’ve made it far easier for luxury home buyers to find Davis’ business and interact with the properties listed on his website.


Whether you're interested in a comprehensive website redesign or updating your digital marketing strategies, FiG Advertising + Marketing is the perfect advertising agency to meet your needs. Reach out today to see how we can benefit your business.