Thursday, 22 August 2013 06:55

Denver Business Journal Adds Local Directory - Speaker Space

Denver Business Journal is the city’s source for business news, offering a weekly print edition as well as an online version, so that readers and subscribers can get various perspectives and insight into Denver business news.

Additionally, they offer email updates and events, such as networking, to keep businesses in the know and growing.

One of the main attractions to the online version of the Denver Business Journal is the local directory it offers. The business directory gives local business professionals an opportunity promote themselves as well as their business. Traditionally, there has been a single directory where you can search for businesses and services by category. The Denver Business Journal however, is now working to offer more ways to stay connected and help businesses through specialized directories.

Just last month, on July 16th, Denver Business Journal launched a new business directory called Speaker Space. This local directory offers a place for Denver area speakers to promote themselves and their business.  Individuals or groups looking for speakers can use the Speaker Space directory to find a speaker that is suitable for them by searching based on category including motivational, coaching, and leadership, to name a few.

Speaker Space will be followed by three additional specialized directories:

  • BizBook’ology - coming September 27th

  • BizCoaching - coming Novemeber 1st

  • AppSmart - coming Novemeber 29th

All of these directories are meant to help businesses by providing an affordable avenue to promote themselves. They also create an avenue for businesses, universities and other groups to search for new tools whether that be training, speakers, or resources. The directories are open to anyone that is a speaker, coach, has written a book for business or has an app that can provide value to other businesses. Check out the latest directory Speaker Space for yourself and see what great tools the Denver Business Journal has to offer!