Wednesday, 13 April 2011 06:56

FiG Advertising and Marketing Announces New Client: Fall River Consulting

FiG is excited to announce that we have been engaged by Fall River Consulting Group LLC., to work with them on assessing core competitive differentiators, developing targeted audience messaging, and redesigning their website.

Message Development:

In order to improve the effectiveness and cross-department consistency of messaging and sales language FiG will leverage existing client and market data to help Fall River Consulting Group, LLC. uncover its competitive advantages and answer important questions like:

  • What are the objectives of your messages?

  • How are you different from competitors?

  • How will competitors/consumers react to each message?

  • How can you make your messages more personal, memorable, and impactful?

The gathered data will be used to develop messaging guidelines and top-level phrasing, for example tag-line and shorthand to be used across the company both internally and externally.

Website Development:

With the brand-messaging shored-up the Website will then be built to reflect both the existing visual aspects of Fall River's brand and the newly developed brand position. Content will be created and edited based on newly established messaging and sales language as well as SEO keyword analysis. User-interface will also be improved to maximize site-flow and conversion rates.