Friday, 29 March 2013 03:54

In 2013, Give Google Plus for Brands a Chance

You are surviving, even happy about, your company's Facebook experience, your employees love to help with Twitter (and are doing a great job!), and you know you need Google + (aka G+) for the search engine ranking advantage it provides, but it just seems like all your social contacts are not there...isn't that reason enough not to move the company onto Google Plus for Brands?

Just take a moment and re-evaluate that line of thought. Check your favorite resources (try: Social Statistics) and you will find that G+ users are skewed towards being male, Brittney Spears is the top influencer, Lady Gaga, Larry Page, Snoop Dog, and David Beckham are not far behind.) If you have a favorite social media site where you can market to men as easily, please let us know what it is! Then drop on over to Find People Plus and find your target market with the filters they provide. Is the group a bit small? I'll take that...with Google Hangouts and Google Plus Communities, there is excellent opportunity to connect and grow.

Take advantage of the long conversations that G+ allows and reach out. You will find a responsive group of both brands and people that want G+ to keep on growing. Have I convinced you yet? Try Google Hangouts, video chat or conferencing with up to 10 people. Take that one step further and you have Google Hangouts on Air, an instantaneous, recordable broadcast. Go live on your laptop where ever you are. Save instantly to your YouTube channel and share with the world. What could this technology bring to your business? Product video? Product reviews? You can share your business with the world.

Take some time with Google Plus Communities. You can find communities that interest you, create your own community, reach out to influencers as a brand, find potential customers, and talk with others that share your interests. Discover website secrets, learn SEO, enjoy Colorado photography, or find other businesses that are marketing in your area.  They are all there. In addition to all of the connection tools on steroids, from a marketing standpoint, G+ is a must. Global Web Index shows that in Q4 of 2012 Google Plus grew by 27% to over 343 million active users and is now the second biggest social network behind Facebook.

Still not convinced? FiG Advertising can help you with a marketing strategy for your business that includes G+. Just give us a call.

Update: Google Plus Has Been Shuttered