Thursday, 12 March 2009 08:20

Marketing 2.0 :: Part 2

You may recall us talking about the value of Marketing in a revolutionized world of digital. This is the follow-up blog article to that past Marketing 2.0 blog, where we will dive a bit further into the "internet generation."

Principle Ideas of Marketing 2.0

The principle ideas of web and marketing 2.0 are accessibility and usability. Taking these ideas and extending them to all facets of marketing really makes sense. Opening the lines of communication, seeking out your customers rather than them having to search for you is a generational market shift.

Consumer Demands of Marketing 2.0

The internet generation is accustom to the products and services they want and need being where they are, when they are. If you're not there to compete, then you've lost. If you're static then you've lost. If you don't listen to every customer that says something to you, then you've lost.

Products and services are more about lifestyle these days than anything else. Since lifestyles are so often defined now by brands, sterilized and homogenized branding that is non-offensive or defining of any particular psycho-graphic segment is a sure way to lose in the consumer market.